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Pregnancy Week Calculator

Updated on March 24, 2013
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How far gone is one question that any woman who is pregnant asks herself. Then comes the quick rush to try and calculate when exactly the due date of birth is going to be. This is when a pregnancy calculator tool comes in real handy. It allows you to pinpoint the day your baby is due without too much calculation on your part.

The Pregnancy Calculator

All you need to do when you use this tool is to enter in the date of your last menstrual cycle. The pregnancy calculator calculates the date the baby was conceived as well as the date it is expected to be born. It will also calculate the pregnancy week you are in so you know what pregnancy signs to look for. Once you know where you are in that pregnancy cycle, it becomes so much easier to try and figure out what precautions you need to take or what you should be doing.

How The Pregnancy Week Calculator Works

First off, you need to find one of these calculators. There are many of them online so just go ahead and choose one and enter the information they ask you to. They usually ask you to fill in the first day of your LMP or last menstrual period and you get a list of dates of when each pregnancy week starts. Some of them will also ask you for your usual menstrual cycle duration – how long it lasts. If you know, it makes the calculations more exact. Some will give you your ovulation date, your possible conception date as well as your due date. Some don’t give you the start of each week but will give you the date when each trimester starts. The calculator adds 40 weeks to the first date of your LMP and then does all the other calculations in between.

How A Pregnancy Calculator Helps

While you cannot be 100% sure that the calculator will give you an exact date, it gives you a guesstimate – and a pretty good one at that. Then, of course, it is up to Nature to take its course. Where knowing helps is to know what to do with yourself and your body each week or each trimester. Some of them will give you advice as to what to eat, how much you should be weighing and what kind of exercise you should be doing. This makes things easier at a time when you are going through a strange, difficult time, especially of it is your first pregnancy.

When it comes to your own pregnancy what to expect puts things in a much better perspective.


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