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Pregnancy - Week Seven: Craving A Bacon Sprinkled Ice Cream Sundae?

Updated on September 11, 2011

Ice Cream Cravings

It's okay to indulge in cravings once in a while.
It's okay to indulge in cravings once in a while.

Pregnancy Week 7

Pregnancy - Week Seven: Craving A Bacon Sprinkled Ice Cream Sundae?

Cravings can begin around the seventh week of pregnancy, and if you are hankering for some potato chips dipped in pickle juice, see about a healthier option, like putting lemon vinaigrette on a salad with some toasted croutons. If you are one of the rare women who crave non-food items, like chalk or soap, speak to your doctor, you may be missing an essential nutrient and vitamin in your diet and your body is trying to signal this by the strange cravings.

Inside Your Body:

At week seven your baby is double the size it was from last week! Your little embryo continues to grow and now has the start of arms and legs. If you are experiencing severe nausea consult your doctor. A few women find that they have lost weight because of their aversion to food and constant running to the bathroom, and may experience dehydration. Don’t worry too much if you are too nauseas to eat because the baby barely needs that much food at this stage of your pregnancy. However, do keep taking those prenatal vitamins! If, like me, you found taking an entire pill made you queasy, then cut it in half and take each half pill after a meal. Some women have also found that switching to a different prenatal pill made them not so queasy, so do some research by asking friends and your doctor, and try a different brand if the one you are currently taking makes you feel sick.

Things To Think About:

Even though you may be holding your little secret in a little longer from your friends, family, and co-workers, this is a good time to speak with your boss and your job’s human resources. Learn about your benefits, such as maternity leave, and if you get health insurance from your company, find out about the coverage that you will receive. If you don’t receive insurance, you may be able to apply for your state’s Medicaid program (many pregnant women are covered under this). If you’re interested in finding out about Medicaid, contact your local Medicaid office, or talk to your doctor and hospital because they often have an office branch located within the hospital to help patients.  You can also go online to find out more:


You may be visiting a physician or a midwife soon for your first prenatal visit. She will be asking you about your health and medical history, such as sexually transmitted diseases, health conditions that run in your family, and previous pregnancies. Talk to your relatives about family disorders and health history if you are not familiar with it. You may not be experiencing it yet, but many women do suffer from constipation at some point in their pregnancy! Look into eating more fiber and yoghurts that contain probiotics (good bacteria found in your intestines). 

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    • firechik211 profile image

      firechik211 6 years ago

      I craved swiss cheese and tomatoes. HA!