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Pregnancy and Exercise

Updated on March 24, 2013

There are a number of reasons why it is good to exercise during pregnancy – unless of course, you have been advised not to because of complications. A good nutritious pregnancy diet and exercise during pregnancy will ensure that you stay fit and your growing baby stays fit too.

Pregnancy and Exercise
Pregnancy and Exercise

Exercise during pregnancy keeps you supple and helps your skin and muscles to stay elastic as thy stretch and expand to accommodate the growing baby. However, exercise has to be done sensibly and with caution. You cannot run around like you did before you got pregnant and you must do everything in moderation. With a good exercise regimen – you can talk to your doctor or a specialist about this – you should be able to keep your bones and muscles strong. Remember to stretch – not too much but enough to keep yourself flexible. Stretching is one of the best ways to keep yourself fit and to keep away those aches and pains as you grow heavier. It helps keep away backaches and leg pains too.

You also need to do back straightening exercises as your stomach grows bigger and as the pressure on the spine increases. This helps the spine stay flexible and you won’t suffer from backaches.

A bit of exercise also keeps away water retention and you stop feeling bloated. What it also does is to keep you smiling and happy. Exercise keeps your spirits up and keeps headaches away. Good forms of exercise that give you all the advantages without overstraining yourself are walking and swimming. You exercise the whole body and you feel good without putting pressure on the joints or jeopardizing the baby.

Exercise keeps away tiredness otherwise you tend to become inactive during pregnancy as it progresses and this just contributes to making you even more tired. Exercise increases the oxygen intake in your body and this acts to detoxify any accumulated toxins and also sends in more oxygenated blood to the fetus. All round, more oxygen s just good news for your body.

Remember to combine exercise with good nutrition. Exercising during pregnancy should not be about losing weight –nit should be about maintaining the right weight while getting the best nutrition you can. You should never be hungry during pregnancy – make sure you and your growing baby get all the nourishment you need. In fact exercise in some cases increases the appetite especially when your appetite has decreased after weeks of nausea or inactivity.

Try and exercise with another pregnant friend or if it’s too boring to do so yourself, join a prenatal exercise class. Not only will it be supervised exercise, you’ll also have company of other pregnant women and there will be a whole lot to talk about and discuss. This is the one time when you want people around who will understand and who better than another pregnant woman?


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