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How to don't gain extra weight during pregnancy

Updated on May 11, 2020
Pregnancy without extra weight
Pregnancy without extra weight

Pregnancy without extra weight is that possible?

Want to look great during pregnancy? Actually it is very easy. You need only diverse, balanced and healthy menu. Let me admit from the beginning that getting the extra weight is inevitable, even obligatory in the first nine months of waiting. Thanks to this the little angel inside you grow and develop normally, and procure all necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

"Pregnant" kilograms also "care" for the formation of milk after childbirth. As it is inevitable weight gain, however, it is important to know when to stop! If you do not go beyond the normal weight increase you will reduce the risk of varicose veins, stretch marks, backache and indigestion. Experts recommend that you increase your food intake by 300 calories a day (per baby).Put in mind that one medium potato contains about 120 calories, so you understand that in fact you don’t need to eat for two! The normal is 11 kg weight gain in the first and second trimester of your pregnancy. It is normal to have no appetite during the first three months and even lose weight. Until the sixth month is not recommended to gain more than 5 kg. During the third trimester, each week will add approximately 350-400 grams to your weigh How exactly will gain depend on your weight before pregnancy. Healthy weight gain for your entire pregnancy is from 10 to 15 kg. After the birth it will be more difficult to go back in shape if you gain over 15 kilos. If, however, you become overweight, do not think it's time for a diet because it may harm the developing baby. Try to change your eating habits. Accept moderate amount of calories by avoiding pasta treats which accumulate calories and provide few valuable substances.

Starting you pregnancy underweight.

Limit of normal gain reaches 12.5 to18 kg. Even prior pregnancy, you weighed only 40 kg, you are not allowed to gain more than 20 kg because it poses many risks for both baby and for you. (I gain 52 kg after IVF during my pregnancy. Now I am having hard time getting back to normal. The pregnancy though when perfect for me and for the baby I am telling you this because you have to put in mind that people are different and no woman pregnancy are alike so don’t be worry if you gain a little more.)

When twins.

It is not justified to double weight when expecting twins. The formula here is to upload 4 more (maximum 5) kg above normal values for different groups. Try to listen to the needs of your body. Do not stop eating fruit and vegetables - citrus, dried or canned, choose lean meat without fat, low-fat dairy products, white bread with wholegrain or replace with oatmeal. So finally be greeted with mild pregnancy without the extra pounds.

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Risks of overweight:

It is possible to get Preeclampsia after the 20th gestational week. Diabetes in the second half of pregnancy, high mortality at birth, if baby weight is more than 4.5 kg possibility of developing diabetes. Baby may suffer from obesity in the future.

Risks from low-gain:

Premature birth to underweight baby Retention of fetal growth and high mortality before the time of birth.

How to limit your appetite?

Heard many stories about his midnight forays to the refrigerator for future dads, raised in alarm to buy ice cream. The truth is that is worth to abstain rather than to get another biscuit with the excuse that "it’s OK, I am pregnant.”If every day you eat an extra chocolate bar at the end of your pregnancy you will "win" another 4-5 extra pounds. Although there is no universal recipe on how to limit your voracious appetite, here are my tips for healthy eating:

Eat regularly. It is best to eat at 3, up to 4 hours - so you do not feel constantly hungry. If you often miss one of your meals, the level of sugar in your blood will drop dramatically and you will feel ready to swallow the whole world. So do not wait too long.

Do not reduce calories. Now is not the time to follow strict diets. Per day you need 2000-2200 calories. If they fall below 2000, it would be dangerous for both fetus and you. The baby will not receive the necessary nutrients and you will feel constantly tired. Instead, pick the good calories - those which will bring energy, enough proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. For example, instead piece of pizza, eat brown rice with vegetables, ice cream replace with fruit salad. Limit salt and sugar. During pregnancy, your taste changes. It is possible that healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, whole-grain bread, seem insipid and tasteless. Frequent meal of spicy food will only worsen the situation.

The Whole 9 Months: A Week-By-Week Pregnancy Nutrition Guide with Recipes for a Healthy Start
The Whole 9 Months: A Week-By-Week Pregnancy Nutrition Guide with Recipes for a Healthy Start
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Avoid manufactured foods, canned and packaged foods because they have much salt, sugar and sodium.

Limit stimulants. Don’t take food and drinks containing caffeine or sugar. This can lead to sharp reductions or increases in blood sugar. Is good to limit the consumption of caffeine drinks and sweetened juices. Replace them with herbal tea, mineral water, fresh juices.

Food for energy. Use food for energy rather than reassurance. If pizza is not out of your mind, ask yourself whether you really hungry. Instead of driving you husband crazy around the neighborhood at 3 midnight, just because you're pregnant and you want to be indulgent, you better come out both for a short night walk.

Walk. If you have no desire to exercises, do not forget that walking is the perfect way to keep you in shape during the 9 months. No need for special equipment or training hall. Two times moderately fast pace walks per day will be good for the heart, blood pressure, bone back, your digestion and good sleep.

Drink water. Drinking water is good for you and your baby also will give you this feeling of fulfillment so you will not feel so hungry.

In summery:

Pregnancy without extra weight is possible! You need only diverse, balanced and healthy menu. You need to have some self control and understanding of the topic. Weight gain is inevitable but it doesn't need to be over weight. So cheer pregnancy will not destroy your girlish figure it will just make you glow.


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