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Pregnant And Sexy

Updated on March 8, 2012
JayZ and Beyonce's first pregnancy
JayZ and Beyonce's first pregnancy

Hey! I love seeing pregnant women; I sometimes wish I was pregnant but no! I can’t be pregnant for now at least till I have said "I do". Being pregnant is like the best thing “I think” can ever happen to a woman who really wants it or needs it. Several times I imagine myself with my big round belly going for antenatal or to the gynecologist. “Cool right”? Yeah!!!

Now let’s get serious. Being sexy while pregnant or being pregnant and looking sexy is the key point of our discussion. A lot of women loose it during pregnancy. They get agitated, depressed, and aggressive, most of all they ignore their beauty and sexiness. “Yes” I know about the morning sickness and the tiredness and the constant eating and vomiting etc that is why I am writing this hub to imbibe or put you back on the part of the road you turned off from.

Now who says you can’t look hot when you are pregnant, pregnancy is another stage in a woman’s life not a back slide in her feminity. When you make yourself attractive while pregnant and after delivery, you are not only doing your home good you also become an inspiration to “wonna be” mums.

You hear lots of women say “they don’t want to have kids” this could be as a result of the unattractive and depressed number of pregnant women they came across, They simple conclude that child’s birth or pregnancy results to ugliness, and sadism.

As pregnant women or for those wishing to get pregnant, I will be giving you tips that I know will help make you good role models to single and aspiring ladies. Also remember that the “hotter” you look at any stage or time in life helps to secure your home. When you take good care of your self while you are pregnant, it helps you save your home, keeps your man close to you, makes you the eye of every woman in your hood, because everyone who sees you or comes in contact with you admirers you and wishes to be you.

Now here are some tips you should note for looking good while you are pregnant:

1. Look for a smart maternity gown: - a lot of women wear any thing during pregnancy not minding how hideous the outfit is. Women, make sure when shopping for maternity gowns, they should be freely fitted, smart, easy to move in.

2. Make ups and hair do: - always make out time daily to apply your make up no matter how heavily pregnant you are. Also always do your hair and make sure there is no difference between you outside pregnancy and you pregnant.

3. Avoid things that irritate you: - when pregnant women are irritated they tend to spit and vomit a lot so in other to reduce the rate at which they spit and vomit they have to avoid things or places that irritate them.

4. You should eat lots of fruits and vegetables: - as this will keep you fresh and healthy and your baby too. A healthy mum brings forth a healthy baby so eat right!!!

5. pregnant women should exercise lightly at least once a week. you can also walk around your home or office, it is a good form of exercise for pregnant women.

So what do you think? Not bad I guess. Actually these are my opinions from my personal research, I know you might have one or two things to add to make pregnant women look even sexier than I can imagine but this tips of mine are the basics, they are enough to change lives but feel free to add your contributions to this topic.

Having said all this “I think” if pregnant women put this tips of mine into practice we will have lovely looking pregnant women all over the world.


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    • profile image

      nazaro 7 years ago


    • lawretta profile image

      Lawretta Ikenga 7 years ago from England

      thanks Nazaro, it really works!

    • Madama profile image

      Madama 6 years ago from Harrisburg PA

      Nice Hub...about beautiful Pregnant women!

    • lawretta profile image

      Lawretta Ikenga 6 years ago from England

      thanks girlfriend Madama.

    • Anath profile image

      Anath 6 years ago

      I'll better keep this hub marked and handy, just in case I need it in the future.

      I never thought sexy and pregnant could fit in the same line.

    • lawretta profile image

      Lawretta Ikenga 6 years ago from England

      lol, thanks Anath for your spicy comment. yes sexy and pregnancy work perfectly together.

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