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Just Figure Out How To Save While Pregnant

Updated on December 18, 2013

How To Control Too Much Spending When Pregnant

Pregnancy can be a great time to shop especially for those who love shopping, but the baby shopping spree should not be allowed to over shadow your actual spending limit. When you go shopping for your baby always have in mind what the most important things that you need and the ones that are not really necessary , though the temptation of over spending will be there due to so many factors, but resisting them is the best option if you don’t want to go bankrupt after having the baby.

Tips You Need To Know On How Not To Over Spend

Knowing the status of your finance: before you go on that shopping spree, it would be best if you know your actual financial status, because it would be easier for you to over spend if you don’t have the accurate status of your finance. First you have to create a monthly spending plan that is realistic based on your monthly income and expenditure. Secondly you need to keep track of all your spending at first in order not to exceed your original expenditure plans concerning the forth coming baby. You can ask a friend to assist you in some financial areas which you may not really understand.

Don’t shop when mood swings: during pregnancy there will be a lot of mood swings avoid shopping for your baby when you think you’re not in the right mood. Shopping can temporarily help to lift you out of bad mood, don’t shop to lift yourself out of this mood instead seek the assistance of your spouse, friends and relation because if you go on shopping when in this mood you can end up buying those things that your baby really don’t need. You can also engage yourself in a physical activity like walking, jogging or strolling.

Don’t buy your baby things on impulse: you have to resist buying on impulse, slow down think about the long term effect of you buying these things for your baby, does she really need them will it affect my financial status and will it keep me indebted. Before you go on buying that for your baby cool down and give it a final thought.

Keep the right kind of friends: the conversation and the lifestyle of your friends will greatly affect your decision when shopping for your baby and pregnancy. You may want to buy items for your baby just to impress your group of friends not that your baby really need those things. Some friends can push you into buying designers product just make you feel belonged .choose your associates rightly in order not to over spend keeping it in mind that your baby will still be requiring your financial attention long after birth.

Don’t over use your credit cards: instead of buying on credit you can save to have a larger purchase and pay cash. Most of these credit cards have higher borrowing cost and offer benefits that you don’t really need. Though credit cards make it easier for you to shop for your baby but do not ignore the consequences attached to it.

Don’t shop for your baby for recreation: many baby shops have turned shopping for your baby into a recreation and entertainment. Although you may want to compare prices through the internet or visiting a baby shop, but most of the products you see is simply designed to stimulate you into buying more of what your what your baby don’t actually need. Only stick to those your original plan of your baby shopping.

Finally protect yourself from advertisers trick, this adverts are meant to trigger your instincts on buying more than your baby actually need. Just make sure you down all the necessary things your baby needs in order not to over shop or under shop because actually your baby really needs all the care and love when he or she is born.


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