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Pregnant and Overweight

Updated on March 25, 2015

Increased Pregnancy Complications

If you are overweight and want to become pregnant, then the ideal situation would be to loose the excessive weight first and then plan to conceive. But, it doesn't happen most of the times and even obese women get pregnant who have a body mass index or BMI of more than 30.

Some of the risks associated with being overweight include;

  • miscarriage
  • pre-eclampsia
  • gestational diabetes
  • increased risk of blood clot formation
  • increased risk of delivering a baby weighing more than 8lbs

Being overweight does increase the risk of complications for you and your baby but that doesn't mean every single woman will contract complications. With the help of good antenatal care, most of the women deliver healthy babies without any complications at all. Therefore, if you become pregnant while being overweight, then try not to worry about it too much because loosing weight whilst pregnant could lead to far more bigger complications than you can even imagine.

Eat Properly, Exercise Regularly

The best you could do is to eat a healthy diet, control excessive intake of calories and exercise on a regular basis. That doesn't mean you should cut down your calories because cutting down calories during pregnancy means your baby is not getting enough nutrition that he should get. At the same time, don't exhaust yourself while exercising, just a steady light exercise routine is more than enough at this stage.

It is very important to consult your midwife or doctor before incorporating any sort of exercise routine so that they can advise you whether it is good for you or not. Swimming and aerobics are regarded as best form of exercise when you are pregnant but you should inform your instructor that how many months or weeks pregnant you are.

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