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Pregnant And Alone With Complications

Updated on August 24, 2016
Jose Manuel Rios Valiente cc by flickr
Jose Manuel Rios Valiente cc by flickr

Being pregnant without a partner is a lonesome fate. The baby’s movement, the cravings and the sluggish desire to remain in bed and do nothing will not be acknowledged by anyone. Most importantly, a difficult pregnancy is endured alone. There is no soothing voice or hands to hold. There is just silence from the non-responsive ceiling, as the back of the head lays on the pillow looking up, talking about pain and discomfort. A lonesome despair.

The First 4 Months

The singlehood of my pregnancy was more than I could bear. I was sensitive to every aroma. I sat on the brand new wicker love seat and smelled its bamboo content. The pollen on the multi-limb tree stretched out its hands and tortured my nostril. I could not cook or clean. My bath soap was unscented ivory. How ladylike!

Kidney Stones Complication

I went to work early one morning and early afternoon I was in the hospital with extreme pain brought on by kidney stones. They said they “could do nothing” as they applied the IV to my veins to help pass the stones. The baby was top priority, and I must endure the pain. I thought how nice, and what about my welfare? Eventually the stones passed and I was sent home with strict instructions to intake 2 or 3 gallons of water every day until the baby is born. The pain of passing the stones motivated me to drink 4 gallons every day.

Too Much Drinking

Throughout the pregnancy, I drank so much water that at one point I thought the state of New York water deputies were at my door anytime someone came by to visit. I thought this is it, they are going to arrest me for drinking all of New York City’s reserved water.

A Lonely State

When illness comes the singlehood of pregnancy is sad and heart ranching since there is no one to say everything will be alright. No one to quiet the constant paranoa of death, retardation and doom for mother or the baby.

Normal Pregnancy

Apparently, being ill, is par for the course for most expectant mothers. The dormant ailments of the mother, is arisen by the demand for care by the fetus. Pre-existing illnesses manifest when mother shares her body with the fetus.

The below 9 pre-existing ailments taken from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are what expecting mothers may experience:

  1. If you frequently feel worn out and sluggish, your red blood cells are at a low count. Doctors usually prescribe iron and folic acid vitamins.
  2. Does it hurt with frequent bathroom use? Does your urine have a bad odor? What about your back, do you have back pains? These are some of the symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).
  3. Mental Health Conditions brought on by changes in hormone levels make mothers weepier than normal. They isolate themselves and are in a frequent state of depression. The expectant mother’s mental capacity is diminished and a feeling of hopelessness takes over.
  4. High Blood Pressure is an ailment that most expectant mothers are unaware of.
  5. When at some point in the doctor’s visit the expectant mother is told to watch her sugar and starch intake, there is a concern that Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is forming.
  6. If you are overweight, studies show that pregnancy will have complications such as GDM and possible stillbirth.
  7. Pregnant women should be diligent concerning infections. Many infections do not have obvious symptoms so all concerns should be addressed by the physician. Some bacterial infections, such as Group B strep, are pre-existing.
  8. Hyperemesis Gravidarum is extreme morning sickness that persist throughout the pregnancy.
  9. Severe maternal morbidity is a broad assessment of ailment experienced by mothers to be. The condition can manifest in the mind and body. It is a complication only present in pregnant women and is difficult to diagnose.

The above complications associated with pregnancy is a broad list of what can and does affect mother and baby. Carrying the fetus is not easy. It is at times detrimental. Therefore, the partnership between doctor and mother is crucial and should be diligently fostered. To the expectant mother this relationship has top priority.

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