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Morning Sickness Remedies: Products that Help Relieve Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Updated on February 14, 2011


As a mother of one and currently pregnant with my second, I’d try just about any morning sickness remedies to help relieve my unsettling pregnancy symptoms. The following remedies for morning sickness are tested products that have worked for many pregnant women, including myself. Whether you have morning sickness only during your first trimester, or all 9 months (like I did with my first), you’ll be glad you have these products to help relieve those terrible morning sickness pregnancy symptoms so you can enjoy your pregnancy the way you’re suppose to.

Morning Sickness Remedies
Morning Sickness Remedies | Source

Morning Sickness Remedies

Sea-Band Wristband for Morning Sickness

I recently tried the Sea-Band Wristband made for morning sickness and motion sickness. These bands work by applying pressure to an acupressure point on the inside of the wrists. Pregnant women should wear a wristband on each arm for effectiveness. There are no side effects of the Sea-Band Wristband and this morning sickness remedy is completely safe to use.

Preggie Lollies for Morning Sickness

Another popular product commonly used to relieve morning sickness in pregnant women is Preggie Pops. These lollipops contain all natural ingredients and are highly recommended by healthcare professionals for their effectiveness in relieving nausea. Preggie Lollies for morning sickness come in seven natural flavors. Give these lolli-pops a try.

Preggie Pop Drops for Morning Sickness

Those who enjoy the Preggie Lollies also love the Preggie Pop Drops. These come in an assortment of sour flavors and are a natural way to ease morning sickness. Preggie Pop Drops are recommended for those who have to go to work and are unable to have a lolli-pop sticking out of their mouth in their place of business. Try sour raspberry, sour lemon, or sour tangerine.

Anti-Nausea Ginger Gum for Morning Sickness

We all know how ginger is a great natural ingredient used in many pregnancy products to give pregnant women relief from morning sickness. This anti-nausea ginger gum is a drug free option used to reduce nausea that accompanies over 80 percent of pregnant women. Just chew a piece to get almost instant relief to your morning sickness.

Gin Gins Ginger Hard Candy for Morning Sickness

The Ginger People Gin Gins Ginger Hard Candy is another ginger candy option that works wonders to reduce morning sickness. Just pop a ginger candy into your mouth and enjoy the soothing and warm benefits that it provides. This spicy-sweet treat is just the pick-up you need during pregnancy so that you can properly enjoy the wait for your little one to arrive.


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    • smackins1974 profile image

      smackins1974 7 years ago from UK

      I had terrible morning sickness with my daughter. to start off sucking lemon flavoured boiled sweets worked for me but in the end it got sooooo bad the doctor had to medicate me to stop me from dehyrating and losing all the nutrition from the food I ate.

      Good luck with your pregnancy