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Preparing Your Teeth for Beautiful White Smile in This Holiday Season

Updated on December 28, 2016

Holidays are pouring their radiance upon us. With the rhythm soaring up higher and the glass of wine near, our hearts are drawn only to joy and celebration.

Often we put a blind eye to our health life during the holidays. Since only a few days left for the unborn year to come to light, it’s quite obvious that we must throw some lights on our health for more fun and exhilaration.

Moreover, holidays without a shining white smile is certainly lifeless and vile. Even if we are in the best of our attires, the presence of unhealthy smile could make us feel low. Appearing in a party with white teeth, radiating a lovely confident smile would mean a lot to us and people surrounding us. It makes us look distinct and magnetic enough to enchant anyone.

Now, the question rises that how can you prepare your teeth for a happy white smile in this holiday season? Don’t worry, we have here some effective tips to make smile look enchanting.

Brush & Floss Your Teeth Twice a Day

If you brush & floss your teeth twice a day then the stains and yellow deposits would go off. Your teeth would not only appear white but also become very much robust and strong. In addition, the risk of developing cavities, plaque, tooth decay etc certainly minimizes.

Lower Your Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol has records of tarnishing the whiteness of teeth and also influencing various gum diseases. Furthermore, alcohol affects the enamel of teeth and makes it vulnerable to develop cavities. You can try fresh fruit juice which is healthy and enhances facial glamour.

Give up Smoking

Smoking stains the enamel and makes it appear yellowish. Besides, it supplies thousands of harmful chemicals that are known to cause cancers and other oral diseases.

Smoking further encourages cavities, pathogens, and other dental ailments to thrive. Rub your teeth with banana or orange pill to remove the stains caused by smoking.

Eat Fresh Fruits & Leafy Vegetables

Consuming carrots, apples, nuts, tomatoes etc are beneficial for teeth whitening. Many of them supplies elements that kills the bacteria causing tooth-decay and magnifies dental & oral health.

Avoid acid and sugar rich foods, for they affect the whiteness of teeth by causing cavities and tooth-plaque.

Give a Break to Beverages

Beverages like tea and coffee, in their extreme temperature, often erodes the enamel of teeth, which causes your teeth to become sensitive to many things. In addition, too much consumption of beverages results in developing yellow stains and cavities.

However, if you drink tea and coffee in limited manner, rinse your mouth with warm water after drinking them, and then you might minimize their effects.

Have a Periodic Dental Checkup


If you go for periodic dental checkup, let’s say once a month then you would be aware about the early symptoms of cavities or other dental diseases.

There are many places in your teeth where you eyes might not reach, for visiting a dentist and taking effective measures thereby can disable the chance of developing cavities and make your teeth look white and bright.

A healthy body enjoys the most in holidays. If there are no health hindrances then you can appear beautiful and captivating in all celebrations.

Moreover, on giving special care to dental health by adhering to certain Dos and Don’ts, you can have beautiful white smile that can amaze anyone.


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© 2016 Md Tabrez Alam


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