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Preparing for a Year-Long Diet Challenge

Updated on December 28, 2012
Preparing for the 52 diets in 52 weeks challenge.
Preparing for the 52 diets in 52 weeks challenge.

Preparing for the beginning

Here I am, just a few short days before the new year and I find myself reflecting on my decision to publicly diet for one year. Even though my commitment to each diet is only one week, the commitment to diet for one year is pretty huge. It's the largest diet commitment I have ever made, and the most public!

On one hand, I'm excited about the upcoming challenge. On the other hand, I'm kind of nervous. I've been eating whatever I want, whenever I want, for quite a while now. I have an addiction to Chester's Cheesy Puffcorn. I eat like a bag every other day. I eat cheese balls and malts and hamburgers and fries. I eat Pizza at least once a week. I know that I will not be eating these things often anymore.

The last couple of weeks I have been trying to eat all of my favorite foods. Just in the last week I have eaten a McDonalds Quarter Pounder and fries, Culver's Cheese Curds, home made pizza, broasted chicken, Taco Johns tacos and Ole's, enchiladas, and a gas station Slushie. Yep, we're on food overdrive at my house.

I informed my family about my plans to do 52 diets in 52 weeks. My 13 year old daughter said, "Ugh, does that mean we have to eat diet food too?" and then to her 12 year old sister, "Remember when we had to eat grilled chicken and salads for like a month?" So the family is obviously very supportive.

Despite my gluttony and my daughter's trepidation, I am ready for this next chapter in my life. I'm excited for the adventure to come and excited to record the journey. Hopefully with each passing diet I will be able to share information with the world about each diet and how it works and it's effectiveness and whether or not it's doable long term. Some brave souls may even choose to do the "52 diets in 52 weeks" with me. Now, with only a few more days until the first diet is unveiled, I think I will find myself saying as the weeks come and go... "Been there, Dieted that!"


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    • theweeklydietplan profile image

      theweeklydietplan 5 years ago

      Good Luck Sharon!

    • profile image

      sharon 5 years ago

      just read your 52 diets in 52 weeks, im on my 2nd day on the 8 hour diet, i agree it doesn't even feel like a diet, im just worried i wont lose anything though as im eating real foods...fingers crossed