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Preparing my body for Pregnancy

Updated on March 29, 2015

The first Step to preparing for Pregnancy

Now, I'm not sure I do things the way other people do, but I'm going to tell you how I am preparing myself for pregnancy after over 8 years passing since I had my youngest child. I decided my first step is going to be starting on prenatal vitamins. Well, actually our fertility specialist recommended it. So upon leaving the specialists office our first stop was getting the vitamins. WOW! The choices are insane! I ended up picking out the nature made Multi-prenatal vitamins, I take one a day. My second step is just a personal one, I am making sure I am eating healthier and exercising more. Convenience foods have become a staple over the winter, but not anymore. it's time for this momma to start cooking healthier meals for the family. I'm trying my hardest to get foods for our home that are not processed, if I read the ingredients and can't pronounce them or I know for a fact it's not good we're not eating it. As for the exercise, we're going to start going for more walks and bike rides, the weather is getting nice enough now that we can get out of the house and do some activities. I would like to get a 5k in this year, it's been 2 years since my last one, and I miss them! The third step is cutting out the caffeine, that's hard for me. not because of pop. I rarely drink pop, but I do drink coffee and tea daily. I'm just going to start switching myself to decaf versions, and I think that will be easy enough. Fourth step is re-reading what to Expect When You're Expecting, and doing online research on the topic. Yes, I know I've had 2 kids, but it sure doesn't hurt to go over things again. I want to be fully prepared, and go in to this with confidence.

Quitting the bad habits

When we talked to our physician she told us we needed to quit some of our bad habits. Smoking is obvious, you can't smoke and expect a high sperm count or egg count. Not to mention the possible pregnancy problems, and eventually other bad effects on your body down the road. Drinking lowers the ability to get pregnant, caffeine, unhealthy foods, etc. Whatever may apply to you, but the point here is she told us the easiest way to kick bad habits. Start with one bad habit, we'll say smoking because it was the example she used. If you smoke when you're driving, don't smoke when you're driving, and after a week go on to add in don't smoke as soon as you wake up. If you slowly take away the triggers, week by week adding another you'll be done smoking before you know it. It sure does seem like it's a lot easier that quitting any bad habit cold turkey! I hope this helps some of you out there that are going through the same thing as myself and my husband! Good luck! As always if you have questions feel free to ask! The knowledge the doctor gave us is fresh in my mind.

Age gap

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  • Start on Prenatal Vitamins as soon as you decide to even think about conceiving
  • Eat right
  • Exercise
  • Cut out the caffeine
  • Cut out cigarettes and Alcohol (if it applies to you)
  • read up, and prepare yourself for what is to come. (I guarantee you'll have less anxieties, and be able to sleep better at night)
  • Ask your physician as many questions as possible. (No question is a stupid question, especially if it'll help you and your partner relax and not stress)

Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins


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