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Prescription Alternatives

Updated on February 11, 2016

The Prescription Alternative

When we are sick, we are given a prescription for a pharmaceutical, these newer medications that have been man made over the last 100 years or less. Medicines did exist before the Pharmaceutical Industry took over. In our minds when we see a bottle of supplements or vitamins say "this has not been evaluated by the FDA" we automatically assume that is does not work. This is not true. Herbal remedies have been around thousands of years, and have been proven effective in clinical trials. I am going to list some great alternatives for common ailments and disorders. Most of which I have personally tried and have had great results. With ZERO negative side effects.


Depression: If you have gone to a doctor for depression chances are you have been prescribed Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, or Prozac to name a few, these are referred to as SSRI's. Did you know that nature also has an SSRI? ST. Johns WORT has been used for thousands of years to treat depression, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder, and insomnia. In clinical trials (non FDA) it has been proven more effective than placebo, and JUST as effective as the common prescription SSRI WITHOUT the negative side effects such as sexual dysfunction, weight gain, oversleeping, and insomnia. The common dosage for depression with ST. Johns Wort is 300mg 3 times a day. This is a very cheap herbal supplement for about $4.00 you get a bottle of 60 pills. The only reported negative side effect of SJW is sun sensitivity. DO NOT take along with any other antidepressant because this could lead to a serotonin overload since SJW increases serotonin as effectively as the common SSRI.

INSOMNIA: A great alternative to benzodiazepines, and sedatives is Valerian Root. It is known commonly as natures Valium. This also helps with anxiety. Valerian is non habit forming. Another great alternative is Melatonin. It gives us the hormonal signal that its time to rest for the night. We naturally get Melatonin from the sun, but in this day and age where we have people working night shifts, or people not able to get out and work outside our bodies get confused. So this extra Melatonin helps tell us it is time to sleep. It helps shut down the thought process, so those who can't sleep at night due to over thinking or worrying, this should work well for you. It has no side effects. It has been proven to be effective. Make sure you can devote 8 hours of sleep after taking as it can make you wake up feeling groggy without proper sleep. Sometimes we can not fall asleep at night due to muscle tension, and just a general feeling tense when you try to lie down and rest. A CALCIUM AND MAGNESIUM supplement will help with the people who experience muscle tension and cramps at night.

ANXIETY: We know all too well how addictive benzodiazepines can be. There are many alternatives. GINSENG 150mg 3 times a day to relieve stress and anxiety. As mentioned earlier VALERIAN ROOT is commonly referred to as natures Valium. It also helps with the typical "nervous stomach" you experience when anxiety levels are high, I have found this very effective. This is my personal choice for anxiety. Also an herbal supplement I accidentally discovered to be effective is MAGNESIUM taken on a regular basis, since our anxiety increases as our heart rate and pulse increase from an oncoming anxiety attack, it makes us even more nervous. Sometimes we start having palpitations from anxiety attacks, and it is a vicious cycle of more worry leads to increased heart rate leads to more anxiety and so on. Magnesium is necessary for normal muscle function, and since our heart is a muscle, it helps maintain a regular heartbeat. Stress (anxiety) can also cause our magnesium to be low. Before regularly taking Magnesium I had always had a naturally high heart rate( 120BPM), and had begin to develop arrhythmias on a regular basis, since I started taking Magnesium I have not had one arrhythmia and my heart rate has decreased to about 90BPM. Which has also lead to less anxiety attacks for me.


BLOOD PRESSURE AND CHOLESTEROL: A wonderful alternative to blood pressure drugs without all those nasty side effects is GARLIC. It works by stimulating the production of the chemicals nitric oxide and hydrogen sulphide, which helps relax blood vessels.It also is effective at lowering bad cholesterol. FISH OIL is also a good way to lower blood pressure, also lowering bad cholesterol levels.

ARRHYTHMIA AND PALPITATIONS: As mentioned above MAGNESIUM is very effective for arrhythmias and palpitations. A shortage of magnesium can lead to or worsen congestive heart failure, atherosclerosis, chest pain, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias, heart muscle disease, and heart attack. It is easy for magnesium to get depleted, something as simple as stress can lower magnesium levels, not to mention the many prescription medications that can lower magnesium.


ZINC is the number one mineral for raising testosterone levels. It also increases sex drive, even mild zinc deficiency can lower sex drive. This is a very effective way to increase testosterone levels and get off of the weekly or biweekly testosterone injections! This has worked wonders for my husband who gave up injections for Zinc. Recommended dose is 60mg once daily.


Of course we all know that ZINC and VITAMIN C, are great ways to beat a cold or flu faster. They boost our immune system to help us fight off the infection.

Please talk to your doctor before stopping any medications.


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