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How to Get Help for Prescription Medication

Updated on June 6, 2017

No Health or Prescription Insurance and Can't Afford Medicine

If you can't afford medicine and you need to know who to contact, then this is the place for you. You either have insurance and it doesn't pay for your medicine, or you don't have any insurance and can't afford it. Even with the new health laws in place, it is impossible for people to live and choose between food or medicine; either way, it's a no win situation. There is help available and I'm going to tell you how to try and get it. Now, please understand, I'm not a miracle worker, and you have to fight the system, however; if you need something, you will have to fight to get it. Not everyone qualifies of course, but you can sure try and it sometimes is time consuming and tedious work. There are steps you need to take, but if you need the medicine, then what do you have to lose?

If You Don't Have Prescription Insurance

If you do not have any insurance coverage to pay for medicines, then you should probably apply for Medicaid. Not Medicare, but Medicaid. You have to apply through your state and it's hard to get unless you are really not making much money. If you have done that and you don't qualify, then this is what you need to do. If you Dr. says you need a medication and you can't afford it, ask the Dr. if he has any samples. The Dr. usually has samples of medicines of some kinds because the drug reps bring them in. That's how they promote the new drugs. The samples are sometimes a 2 week or even one month supply, that will give you time to figure out how you are going to afford the medicine or get it, especially if it's something you will need life long or for a long period of time.

Medicine and How To Get Them If You Can't Afford Them


If You Have Prescription or Health Insurance

Just from experience, if you have insurance, you will probably run into trouble sometime down the line. If you haven't, then you either have great coverage, or you haven't needed anything yet that the insurance won't cover. Kudos to you! However; there will come that time ultimately, when you need something or someone in your family needs something, and you go to the pharmacy to pick it up and they tell you the insurance won't pay for it. Now what? You have two (2) choices: you either (1) don't get it or (2) try to get it. You say, "how?" The pharmacist will fax the Dr. for a pre-authorization form. The Dr. fills out the necessary information and sends it to your insurance company. The Dr. has to explain why you need this medicine. The insurance company may say you have to try "step therapy" first-which means you have to try other medicines for a period of time, and if they don't work then they will pay for your medicine (usually). Now, please understand, that whether you have Medicare, Hospital insurance, or what have you, the same rules apply. Some insurance companies are just harder to fight with, but you can do it if your Dr. is on the ball.

Who To Contact For Prescription Help

There are things you can do to help get your medicines for free or for a lot less price. Please, do NOT, and I mean do not, get them from another country! I am not just talking about people who live in the United States. It is so dangerous to buy from other countries. The medicine is not regulated, and you have no idea how long the medicine has been sitting on the shelf. I know times are tough and medicine is expensive, but it's worth to go the extra mile and find out how to afford it or get it, without getting it from somewhere you have never even heard of. I hope you get my point.

Now, let's find out who you can contact for help:

PPARX-Prescription assistance program

Pfizer-Patient assistance Programs

NeedyMeds-Find Help for Cost of Medicine

Bristol Meyers-Patient Assistance

Cancer Patients Rx assistance -For People With Cancer

Health Insurance

Do You Think You Have Good Health Insurance

See results

Talk To Your Doctor

Talk to your Doctor. Tell you doctor you can't afford your medication. Your doctor is there to help you. He/she knows what to do if you need help. Besides some of the information I gave you, they have other resources. Again, it may be a little time consuming filling out the paperwork and they may even get a little bit tedious, but if you need the medicine, then by all means-do it. Your life is more important than not putting in a little effort to get what you need to make you feel better or help you. If you don't think you can do anything I have mentioned, or know how, then email me or send me a message and I'll help you. Seriously, I will. If you have any questions, then comment in the comment section below, and I will help you if I can.


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    • weezyschannel profile image

      Lisa 3 years ago from Central USA

      Oh goodness what a typo thank you for pointing that out!

    • profile image

      The Partnership for Prescription Assistance 3 years ago

      You list PPAX-Prescription assistance program. The site is actually PPARx - The Partnership for Prescription Assistance at

    • PurvisBobbi44 profile image

      PurvisBobbi44 4 years ago from Florida


      I am happy you wrote this hub and I did not realize how many could not afford medicine until I picked up my aunt's the other day.

      I generally do not share things like this---but I paid for a lady's meds in front of me who was counting out her change for her medicine. I am so tender hearted---I said--Please I have the money today and I would like to help you so you can pass it on to someone you can help in the future.--

      I did not know how she would react--her hugged me so hard I had tears in my eyes and then she left after she hugged me again.

      This I will never forget. She looked older than my aunt who is 88 years old. God Bless this lady---she must be alone in this world.

      Bobbi Purvis

    • weezyschannel profile image

      Lisa 5 years ago from Central USA

      Glad I can help! Thanks

    • TToombs08 profile image

      Terrye Toombs 5 years ago from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map.

      Great hub and very useful. I will store this away just in case I ever run into this problem. Voted up.

    • weezyschannel profile image

      Lisa 5 years ago from Central USA

      You have a great point~The body is amazing , but there are some instances where the body does not heal itself, or can only get to a certain point, and therefore; some medicines are needed unfortunately

    • raciniwa profile image

      raciniwa 5 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

      A person doesn't need one if he has taken care of his body...our body has the capability to regenerate or else whenever we get sick, we can't be healed...

      a useful hub...

    • profile image

      Beverly 5 years ago

      You can save up to 75% on your prescription medications by printing the FREE card at the website below. Print the card and present it to your pharmacist with the prescription.

    • weezyschannel profile image

      Lisa 5 years ago from Central USA

      I am so with you on that teaches! Too many horror stories of meds coming over different countries. Not worth taking a chance! They sit on shelves and you don't know who got a hold of what. Again, that's not just for meds coming into the U.S. =it's outgoing and everywhere included

    • weezyschannel profile image

      Lisa 5 years ago from Central USA

      Thank you @lyn

    • weezyschannel profile image

      Lisa 5 years ago from Central USA


    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      With the cost of insurance going up, loss of employment and insurance coverage changes, more people are facing the problem of medication. Your suggestions are great in helping to understand what the options are. I agree that trying to get them from a country outside the US may prove dangerous.

    • ImKarn23 profile image

      Karen Silverman 5 years ago

      Sigh...being canadian - it's so hard to watch people not be able to afford medications they need for their quality of life - if not life itself! The right likes it call it socialism - but - i wonder why they don't consider bailing out big business the same. They want to keep the corporations healthy - people? Pfffft....

    • Lyn.Stewart profile image

      Lyn.Stewart 5 years ago from Auckland, New Zealand

      great info for people who don't have health insurance voted up inter etc.

    • weezyschannel profile image

      Lisa 5 years ago from Central USA

      Thank you very much Happy...yes, I agree, people are embarrassed, however; especially with the economy today, no one should be embarrassed about anything. I am sure not!

    • weezyschannel profile image

      Lisa 5 years ago from Central USA

      Thanks Pamela..It is hard out there to get medicines, especially when they are so expensive! Talk to the doctor is what I tell people ..Keep fighting

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 5 years ago from United States

      This hub has excellent information. I went into my Medicare gap at the end of February, so I am well aware of the difficulties. I have used patient assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies as you suggested. Also my doctor tries to write prescriptions for the more inexpensive medications when possible. I think your hub will be very helpful to many people. Rated up and useful!

    • Happyboomernurse profile image

      Gail Sobotkin 5 years ago from South Carolina

      Excellent, comprehensive hub that may be life saving for those who can't afford needed medication and have no idea how to get them for free or at a reduced rate.

      You have given many options here.

      Too often, patients are embarassed or afraid to tell their health care provider that they can't afford the medication but as you've written here, doctors can be very helpful in providing free samples, and also in getting the patient linked into assistance. The doctor also needs to do paperwork on the patient's behalf for most programs so it's best that the doctor knows, in advance, that a patient needs help.

      Voted up, useful and interesting and will share this with my followers and on Facebook.