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Preservation of Achievements

Updated on January 2, 2019

The crave for self-actualization is naturally ingrained in human beings. Every individual is branded by a distinctive thought-pattern and behavior-pattern, corroborated by his or her personal definition of life and success. Normally, people tend to designate their goals and ambitions – academic and professional, short-term and long-term – with respect to their talent, personality, and environment/background. Success is defined as the achievement of goal(s). Upon accomplishing certain goals, people devise new aims and commence their journey afresh. Likening human struggle to a ladder, each step can be perceived as a destination or success. The propensity for progressing and moving forward, destination after destination, is inborn in human nature. That being so, we may regard an achievement or success not as an end point, rather a journey in itself, leading towards a chain of aspiring achievements. The true or ultimate achievement is reaching the station of self-actualization/self-realization throughout the lifespan.


In order to build a wall of a building, individual bricks are firmly placed on top of one another. It would be impossible to place new bricks if the lower ones aren’t soundly sustained and start to collapse gradually; the complete exercise of building something would result fruitless. This shows similitude with progressive line of achievements in human life. Normally, one cannot thrive for greater achievements without preservation of lesser or previous achievements.

Preservation of success is the course of improving and redefining one’s mindset, strategy and approach, such that, prior achievements are optimally made use of and upheld, and at the same time, the individual is prepared to pursue new goals.

Once successful, the first and foremost challenge is to recall why the person undertook the particular endeavor upon himself/herself to begin with.

In effect, there is no hard and fast manual for preservation of achievements applicable on every person’s story, however, there are some proven techniques that are much broad in terms of their definition that everyone can turn them to account by wise adjustments. We mention here a few:


Human life is essentially an ideology-driven phenomenon. Behind every person’s story, there exists an ideology or philosophy. People become, or strive to become, what they conceptualize in their minds beforehand. The blooming of any idea or ambition in mind initiates at the early stage of life–as a child–and grows into a firm-rooted ideology when one reaches in his/her prime of life. People, once they identify their ideology, interlink it with their thoughts and actions; the very ideology functions as their preliminary and strongest driving force.

Generally, a rationally sound and morally just ideology, individual or collective, is bound to prosper.

It is particularly important to resonate our ideology of life when failure is confronted, so the tragedy doesn’t get to our heart, and also when success is realized, so the victory doesn’t get to our head. While self-accountability is necessary and even beneficial, but excess of self-reproach or self-praise can infect the mind with acute thoughts and misleading assumptions. Resonance of ideology of life reinforces one’s focus and enables, time and time again, to grasp the bigger picture out of varied life events.

Strategy or Re-Strategizing

In modern-day professions, ever since labor started to revolve around the “brain” rather than “brawl”, even the typical of tasks entail different and effective strategies for successful completion. The series of trials and reposes in human life also demand the re-thinking and re-defining of strategy towards life in general. Returning to our original premise, it is decidedly probable the strategy implemented for achievement of success may be incomplete or ineffective for preservation of success. Strategies are formulated according to the problem at hand or challenge ahead; consequently, a dynamic and down-to-earth approach towards planning strategies at every destination or setback is indispensable to remain on right track. Adopting a flexible mindset towards unexpected change in life is a strategy itself; enabling the person to modify his or her living model according to need or situation. Generally, patience and assertiveness combined is the most excellent strategy-based personality; the former helps to combat interior doubts and the latter helps to outdo exterior interactions.


Execution or Struggling

Human life is an effort-return phenomenon. It is a proven pattern of nature; a person earns what he or she struggles for. Proactive execution pertains to the implementation of philosophy, wholeheartedly, and application of strategy, wisely. Normally, when a person has the resolve to accomplish something or to reach somewhere–and formulates a seemingly effective strategy during the process–he or she eventually triumphs. Be that as it may, there are some elements or essentials of right execution that cannot simply be overlooked, such as, effective communication, time management, discipline, optimal use of resources, work and leisure prioritization, utmost utilization of inner strengths, wise counteractions against outer threats, team building, competent improvisation of decision power, etc. The world is filled with tough competition and capable men & women. Fighting, justly, to contend and outshine is inevitable for successful living, and ultimately building a rock-hard empire.

Contentment & Gratitude

Contentment and gratitude are two innate/latent human urges contributing to mental and spiritual well-being of human beings.

Contentment is embracing happiness in one’s life and surroundings, unreservedly; it implies sense of fulfillment. Gratitude is expressing appreciation to one’s life and surroundings, genuinely; it indicates sense of recognition.

Harmonized, the feelings of fulfillment (take) and recognition (give) shape a worthy disposition and reputable Modus Operandi. Moreover, the approach has psychic or spiritual implications that tie themselves, automatically, with social and material success. At personal level, true success is measured by three elements: health (physical and mental), faith or conviction, and financial independence. The lifestyle of contentment with gratitude has the tendency to preserve the triangle of success intact. Still, at collective level, a few more factors such as social esteem and civic responsibility are vital to ensure social tranquility.

Human life is an endless conflict and balancing between trials and reposes. Hard times knock at every person’s door, now and again, but so do good times. An inclusive explanation of the immaterial or potential dimension of such inconsistency in life is indefinable; we can say such is the order of Divine Scheme. Nevertheless, the material or actual dimension is harnessed by humans themselves, that is, we are the masters of what we think (intentions), what we do (efforts) and what we are and become eventually (outcomes). Preservation of success is, in a sense, an integral part and parcel of human life, and a frequent indicator for reforming and harmonizing our though-pattern and behavior-pattern. The ultimate objective is to lead a contented life. The major techniques and practices essential for preservation of individual achievements are: Resonance of Ideology, Improving Strategy or Re-Strategizing, Proactive Execution, and Contentment & Gratitude.

© 2019 Muhammad Ashhar


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    • Evanicson profile image


      12 months ago from Multan, Pakistan

      Very fascinating topic to read. Enlightening and Well written


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