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Obama Makes Head Way With healthcare Reform

Updated on November 8, 2009
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I have 25 yrs. exp. as a Medical Billing & Collection Consultant and a Personal Injury Paralegal & I am writing a book & movie Script.

Healthcare Reform Means More Jobs

 I woke up this morning and was so elated to hear that the Healthcare bill passed the first stage with outstanding numbers. I feel that the President proved that he is someone to be reckoned with. He is a President that stops and thinks about what needs to be done and he doesn’t just react, what I see in our President is someone that takes the time to think about how his actions will effect the people of the country and that is something I have never seen in a President.

I hope that the people will now see that when that the President is determined to make changes he means it. I think that the people are not used to the government hearing our cries or the President being on the side of the people.


As I sit here writing on this topic today I think about our four fathers and what they would think. Would they be surprised or amazed by our President? What would they think of the people who represent us and only care about themselves and being backed by insurance companies to stop the Healthcare Reform bill, I think it is sad because they are not thinking of all those that are unemployed due to layoffs and hiring freezes in the medical community. We are talking Doctors, Nurses, MA’s CRNA’s billers etc. I have been trying to find a job in the medical community since March there is no work.


What the Healthcare Reform means to me is that not only the people will not be denied for insurance and we will be able to afford it but it also means that Doctors will be able to have a steady income instead of the insurance companies and Medicare continually lowering Payment's to Doctors they work so hard for their money and have issues paying their bills due to the economy with pricing going up steadily of the last 4 years and salaries continually rising and the insurance companies refusing to pay timely or looking for reasons not to pay. We will find that there will be less Doctors going under and having to join other organizations if they can, so many of us have been out of work for months and this Reform will open up jobs for us.


We have a new start and a reprieve with the economy stimulus however, even though this has been signed into law it has helped people be able to survive on unemployment and be able to stay on unemployment until jobs start opening up but the jobs are slow to start opening up for all of us. We will start to see jobs opening up soon and when the healthcare bill passes even more jobs will be available. The problem is that the banks won’t let people refinance their homes like they are supposed to and they are still living large on bonuses and alike just like the Insurance Companies who are more concerned in money than peoples health.


I may be only half a century old but in the last 30 years this is the first time that I have seen a President actually get involved with the people. To me this is a President that actually cares. I actually feel that we the people come first and I feel safe something I haven’t felt since 911.  


I have been on the White House website on many occasions because I like to stay informed on what is happening with our government and how it will affect us. I would suggest anyone reading this to go and see what our President has accomplished since being sworn in. I was amazed at all that is going on in the White House not to mention that when the President was sworn in he said that he would not hide anything from the people that everything would be on the website and true to his words everything you need to know is there.


Contact Your elected Officials

 It is time we make ourselves be heard we the people have a voice and we need to use our voice to get this Health care bill through the final stages.

Contact your Congress men and women and your state Senators let them know we want this bill so we can create jobs and  have lower insurance premiums, co-pays, deductibles. We will not be subjected to anymore denials because we have a prior condition or because we have a continuous health issue.

The time has come for all of the USA to use their voices and be heard so yell it from the roof tops if you have too. Lets get this bill passed.


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    • CJ Andrews profile image

      Chris Andrews 6 years ago from Norwalk, Ohio

      To me this is one of the scary parts of American history. I appreciate that you get out and let people know what your opinion is though - I think more of us Americans need to do this. We also have to learn how to handle disagreement.