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Pressing One's luck.

Updated on October 5, 2009

Pressing One's Luck.

on March 17th, 2008. ©-MFB III


She pressed her luck

in a textbook she carried

on her way to and from

three jobs and class,

She found it outside a fast food dive

where she took orders from everyone,

at the drive-thru while enjoying her lunch break

on a strip of lush green grass

It was a perfect four leaf clover,

and her Irish grandmother always said,

"If you find one guard it carefully,

it holds power and much luck."

For three days she had windfalls,

a hot new boyfriend,

she aced the science exam,

got a raise for being prompt,

and was given a fifty dollar tip,

just for smiling so much

plus her acne disappeared.

Then while crossing a busy intersection

on the way to a 1:00 lecture,

a heavyset man bumped her book arm,

and the clover fell out, unbeknownst to her,

She bent to retrieve her papers,

and a rather large truck

carrying a dumpster a bit too high,

missed seeing her in the road

so she was run over,

and killed instantly.

They buried her

just outside of Belfast,

in a field of vast clover,

and not a single one

of them had four leaves.


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