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How To Prevent Body Odor In Three Simple Steps

Updated on August 27, 2009

What are the causes of body odor?

The best way to handle your body odor is to prevent it.  This is really simple, since there are many powders and antiperspirant/deodorants available on the market today.  Body odor is completely normal.  It is the way that your body regulates its core temperature.  If we did not produce sweat, then our bodies would overheat, and we would die.

Sweat is odorless when it reaches the surface of the skin.  It is when this sweat meets the bacteria on the skin, that the odor is producing.  You see, the bacteria present on the skin love to multiply when you sweat, thus the body odor that you are looking to prevent is produced.  It's quite a disgusting, but very natural occurrence.

Surefire methods to prevent body odor

Personal hygiene is one way to prevent body odor.  If you exercise, then you would most likely want to shower immediately following your workout.  This gets rid of the sweat that has reached the skin's surface and the bacteria.  Make sure to pay special attention to areas such as the feet, underarms, genitals, and breasts.  These areas often produced the worst smells, because they hold the most moisture where the bacteria likes to grow.

Apply an antiperspirant/deodorant right after showering.  Do not just buy a deodorant.  Deodorants simply mask the smell of the sweat, they do not prevent it.  Antiperspirants reduce the production of sweat, thus preventing body odor. Also, try to keep your underarms and groin areas dry with a body powder.  Bacteria love moisture, but do not like dryness.

Have you checked your diet or medications?  Sometimes too much protein, fatty foods, certain oils, garlic, curry, onions, and certain medications can all make their way through your pores to the surface of the skin and cause bad body odor.  If even after following these ways to prevent body odor you still find you smell terrible and are sweating as much as you always have, then you may have hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating.  You will need to see your doctor, because there are many treatment options available for those with excessive sweating who desire a more permanent solution to their problem.


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