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Prevent, Control, or Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Conditions

Updated on February 21, 2011

The BetesBuster Plan

Author: Thomas Fouts

Just an ordinary guy who was willing to put the work in to NOT HAVE TYPE 2 DIABETES.  It scared me too much to have it.  Read about my step by step plan, especially the BetesBuster meal chart and you will find that you too can reverse type 2 diabetes
Just an ordinary guy who was willing to put the work in to NOT HAVE TYPE 2 DIABETES. It scared me too much to have it. Read about my step by step plan, especially the BetesBuster meal chart and you will find that you too can reverse type 2 diabetes | Source

The BetesBuster Plan

When I was told "You have diabetes." Bad thoughts slashed through my brain like a machete cutting through the jungle! Thoughts of blindness, needles and shots, amputations, kidney failure, but the biggest fear was NO MORE DOUGHNUTS!

Not wanting to take diabetes medications I quickly started researching how NOT to have type 2 diabetes.

Three months later, after interviewing doctors, dentists, eye doctors, foot doctors, dieticians and natural health practitioners, plus over 100 people living with diabetes, I came up with a plan.

Within 45 days of sticking to my new "plan" I went and got my blood tested again. I was feeling incredible. The results came back showing that I was completely out of the type 2 diabetes numbers, even pre-diabetes numbers!

I wanted to share this with others that were newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Far too many just accept the doctors diagnosis and succumb to a lifetime of ever increasing doses of diabetes medicine.

I called this "plan" The BetesBuster Plan. It is called that because I wanted to bust open the myth that you can't reverse the type 2 diabetes condition.

With The BetesBuster Plan, you will learn step-by easy step how to alter your lifestyle. Not that you will become somebody else, but you will learn a new, fun, healthy lifestyle.

This isn't a diet. It is just a new way to put healthy, delicious, balanced meals together. I used the Glycemic Index to help create a meal chart that makes it simple to put together a balanced nutritious meal that won't skyrocket your blood sugar.

It's a 3 column chart loaded with a variety of foods broken down into proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables. You pick one food from each column and put it on your plate in the correct proportions, and POOF! You have a nutritious balanced meal.

Exercise for diabetics is so important. The BetesBuster Plan lets you customize your exercise to what your physical condition can do. You pick a physical exercise, even if it is just lifting a phonebook over your head 10 times. Then the next day you do it 12 times. Every day you make a little improvements. Nothing drastic.

Here's a tip. Weight lifting is one of the quickest exercise to type 2 diabetes reversal success when combining it with proper nutrition. There is something about increasing muscle that speeds "insulin resistance" sensitivity.

Natural supplements when used correctly can also help you towards your healthy endeavor. Supplements should be in addition to, a healthy properly combined nutritious meal plan. There are many supplements that can reduce your high blood sugar levels better than prescription medications, so you have to be aware of which ones to take and how much.

The BetesBuster Plan gives you a supplement guide to get you started on which natural supplements to reseaarch if you choose to use them.

The benefits I received from following The BetesBuster Plan are way more than can be put on paper. The biggest benefit you will receive is just how much better you will feel. Not every person is the same, but this was a common theme in the 100% positive feedback I have received so far.

The other HUGE benefit is the natural weight loss! I lost 31 pounds in 45 days when I first tried out my plan. Now, I had the weight to lose, and I was intense with my exercise, (bike riding, weight training, swinging a sledge hammer) and this was the first time I ate correctly balanced meals, but boy, did I feel good!

My wife couldn't believe this old couch potato could have this much energy! I was unstoppable. I helped several others do the same thing. It is really pretty easy to follow. The key is: YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION

The 60 day money-back guarantee puts all the "risk" on my shoulders. Take the full 60 days and put the plan to use. If it doesn't work for you, or you find out it just isn't something that appeals to you, ask for your money back, and still keep the ebook.

It just flat out works!

So if you want to lose weight, feel great, look fabulous, and just want to reverse all those conditions type 2 diabetes brings, then invest in your health and give The BetesBuster a real heart felt good old fashioned try. Really give it your all. You will be so full of "piss and vinegar" within 2 weeks, people will wonder what you are up to!

Get "The BetesBuster Plan" Now!

So go ahead and click the BetesBuster link below to get to the order page.

Remember it has a 60 day money-back, no questions asked guarantee.

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