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How can we prevent jet lag

Updated on March 23, 2014

Dealing with jet lag

Jet lag occurs when your body clock gets interrupted due to shifting time zones .People who fly frequently know that it is unavoidable .Though it's impact on us can be reduced through certain precautionary measures.

Our body's internal clock which is known as "circadian rhythm".controls various body processes like sleeping ,waking and hunger .When this rhythm gets disturbed during our flight due to it’s shifting time zones ,jet lag takes place .It may also be called time zone syndrome .Jet lag causes problems in sleeping and waking up according to the current destination’s timings, people suffer from disrupted work routine; feeling of nausea,fatigue; and general weakness and body ache. sleep disorders takes place as our body clock in incapable to adjust to the new time zone .The effect is more pronounced when we travel from west to east as our body tends to loose time .

Common syndromes of jet lags are :nausea ,Headache ,Fatigue ,Disorientation ,Disturbed sleep ,Day time sleepiness ,Night time insomnia Mood swings,,Burning sinuses ,Cramps in limbs ,Irritation,Stress .

Tips to tackle jet lag

  • Sleep well before you travel Consider going to bed earlier for a couple of nights before leaving if you are traveling east. Go to bed later for a couple of nights if you are traveling west
  • If one can sleep in the flight then take night flight otherwise take day flight so that you reach at night and sleep on reaching your destination .Mentally start getting adjusted to the time zone you will be entering .this could be done by setting your watch to the destination time .This is know to be a very good way as body starts acclimatizing to the new time .
  • For people who often suffer from sleep disturbances medication may help or the best way is to meditate it will prove to be best solution You may take help of your doctor if required .
  • Another best way to reduce jet lag is to reduce intake of alcohol before and during journey, reduce intake of heavy food and caffeine.
  • Get up and walk at intervals
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes.
  • Eat your food at right intervals as that's helps to adjust your body clock well against the time zone clock .
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration as it is often seen we get constipation after long hours flight.
  • Apply moisturizer and lip balm, to avoid dryness as one sits for long hours in the controlled atmosphere.
  • Use neck pillow and ear plugs as the loud sound of the flights harm our ears .
  • Wear comfortable foot wear and if you are wearing shoes take them off to feel the comfort .
  • If you arrive in the day time do not sleep instead let your body receive sunlight and adjust itself to the new time zone .eat protein rich food on reaching your destination have plenty of water to remove toxins
  • Best of all do some exercise ,If you exercise regularly, continue to do so at your destination. Avoid exercising late in the evening because it can keep you awake.Do not do stressful exercises.
  • For important events or meetings at your destination, try to arrive in advance to have time to adjust to the time difference.
  • Try taking 1-3 milligrams of melatonin at bedtime for several days once you arrive at your destination.It may help reduce jet lag

follow the given steps and naturally treat the problem of jet lag.


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