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Can Tomatoes Help Prevent Prostate Cancer?

Updated on November 2, 2016

Men's Health - Information on Prostate Cancer

Cancer of the prostate may occur in men over 50 years of age. If the prostate cancer is noticed early the cancer gland can be removed immediately so that it doesn't have the chance to spread to other parts of the body. Prostate is a gland found only in men, the testicles below the bladder.

Urine runs through the urethra tube to the center of the prostate. The prostate is what holds semen fluid and protects the storage of the sperm. With the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer, some men will notice a change in urinating and in sexual functions. Many symptoms of prostate cancer are detected through an abnormal blood test.

Can Tomatoes Help Prevent Prostate Cancer?
Can Tomatoes Help Prevent Prostate Cancer?

Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

  • Blood in urine or semen

  • Difficulty urinating

  • Urine trickles out during urination, instead of force in the urine flow

  • Painful ejaculation

  • Pain in pelvis, hips, and back

  • Pain and burning during urination

Causes of Prostate Cancer

The causes of prostate cancer are unknown. The chances of men getting prostate cancer increases with age. Inflammation of the prostate can be related to prostate cancer. Also, the common likely causes of getting prostate cancer are: from toxins in the body, being over 50 years of age, heredity DNA (from parents), obesity, (race) more likely found in African American men, (poor diet) men who eat a lot of red meat and less fruits and vegetables, lack of physical exercise, and also smoking can increase the cause of prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Definition

A malignant tumor of the male gland that produces components of semen; a disease in which cells of the prostate gland become abnormal and start to grow uncontrollably, forming tumors.

Prostate Cancer Prevention

Alright, we now know the possible symptoms and causes of prostate cancer. Now we need to know how to prevent prostate cancer. The preventions are to be applied consistently; it should become a healthy lifestyle choice. The most common preventions of prostate cancer:

  1. Physical exercise, (walking or hobbies)
  2. Eat nutrient rich foods, (fruits, vegetables, wheat bread, etc.)
  3. Eat normal portions of food, without over eating
  4. Decrease smoking cigarettes
  5. Decrease intake of salts and sugars
  6. Eat fish; and decrease red meat intake
  7. Avoid eating pork!
  8. Nutrients drinks that are high in antioxidants
  9. Dark leafy greens, and spinach
  10. Eat tomato products daily

Can Tomatoes Help Prevent Prostate Cancer?
Can Tomatoes Help Prevent Prostate Cancer?

Tomatoes Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

Studies show that men, who eat foods high in lycopene, have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer. Eating tomatoes can assist with the prevention of prostate cancer, due to tomatoes containing high levels of lycopene. But you would have to eat foods that contain tomatoes and/or lycopene at least 3 times a week. The reason tomatoes helps to prevent cancer is due to the antioxidants it contains, which assists with destroying free radicals. This process protects the cells which assist boost your immune system.

Here are foods that contain lycopene: rosehip teas, watermelon, papaya, guava, pink grapefruit, tomatoes and tomato products such as; ketchup and tomato sauces. Another good tomato product is "V8 Tomato Juice," the ingredients included are carrots, celery, and other nutritious vitamins. This V8 drink taste great cold or warm, drink up, enjoy, and boost your health. 

Importantly, if prostate cancer is caught in stage 1 rather than state 3, a prostate cancer treatment may be a prescribed oral pill. But if prostate cancer is noticed after stage 1, there may be other treatments such as chemotherapy and/or radiation. So this is why prevention is very important for prostate cancer.

How often do you consume foods that contain lycopene?

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