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Preventing Hemorrhoids

Updated on September 5, 2010

Supplements for Hemorrhoids

While a lot of people are dealing with hemorrhoids already, if you want to get rid of this painful problem, there are some things that you can do to end your hemorrhoids. Just by simply learning the cause of the problem can help you immensely in learning the things you need to do to avoid having hemorrhoids. Follow these tips to prevent it. If you already have a problem with piles, then these tips can surely help you to heal faster and to keep this health issue at bay in the future too.

Prevention Tip #1 – Try Supplements
Trying a supplement that will keep your stool soft may help in preventing the problem of hemorrhoids. If you are always having a hard stool, a nice supplement may come in handy. Look for natural alternatives that work to eliminate constipation. It will usually come in the form of capsules, making it easy for you to take the supplements.

Fiber and Hemorrhoids

Prevention Tip #2 – Fiber
Loading up with fiber can help you to prevent piles too. A lot of people end up with constipation because they have less fiber in their diet. Eating more fiber helps you have an easier bowel movement. Fiber can be found in various sources like vegetables and fruits. Along with eating these kind of foods, it is also best that you drink plenty of water. Not drinking enough water while eating more fiber will result to your fiber getting lost. So be sure to get enough water along with your fiber for the best results.

Hemorrhoids Treatment

Prevention Tip #3 – Keep Your Weight Down
Watching your weight down is vital if you want to prevent hemorrhoids from occurring. Overweights are more likely to develop hemorrhoids, this is because the excess fat puts more pressure on the veins in the rectal area. If you are overweight and you always sit, it puts a lot of weight on the backside, causing a lot of pressure and making the problem worse. Losing weight may make a big difference for you.

More Hemorrhoids Prevention Tips

Prevention Tip #4 – Don’t Always Sit
Always sitting is definitely a problem. If you want to prevent piles, it's best to avoid sitting too long. The longer you sit, the more pressure there is on the backside. This can also make the veins in the rectal area get larger. If you need to sit a lot because of your job, make sure to get up on the hour for a few minutes to prevent this problem.

Prevention Tip #5 – Avoid Heavy Lifting
It is also important to avoid heavy lifting if possible. When you lift heavy objects, it makes you strain, which causes stress on the veins in the rectal area. Lift safely or make sure to get someone to assist you if you want to keep this problem from affecting you.


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