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Parents Guide to Preventing Leg Cramps In Their Children or Teenagers

Updated on July 8, 2013
Whether your child is is still just a child or a teenager playing sports, knowing how to prevent cramps and deal with the ones that do happen can truly help your kids out.
Whether your child is is still just a child or a teenager playing sports, knowing how to prevent cramps and deal with the ones that do happen can truly help your kids out.

It's hard to know that your son or daughter is experiencing pain and there is nothing that you can do about it. With leg cramps, although sometimes indirect, there are plenty of things that can be done towards preventing leg cramps and providing relief to a cramping muscle. You are definitely going to have to get your child to work with you a little bit on finding a remedy or treatment method that works, but they will thank you when they can finally get a good night's sleep before school without being woken up by a mysterious and unexpected muscle cramp. Continue reading for information about the cause of muscle cramping, as well as a few effective remedies that work great for professional athletes, children, and everyone in between.

Basic Muscle Cramp Information

Scientists and doctors, particularly those who spend the majority of their time researching and prepping athletes, have spent quite a bit of time trying to learn more about leg cramps and why they cause. Unfortunately, the exact reasons behind their cause are still a bit mysterious. What we do know is that exercising habits, diet, lifestyle choices, hereditary properties, vitamin or mineral deficiencies and a few other things can play a role in the severity or frequency of muscle cramping.

Magnesium and potassium are the two minerals that have been linked to the occurrence of cramping, but one should make an effort to provide themselves with all vitamins and minerals on a daily basis, leg cramps or not. In addition to trying to make sure that your child receives all of his daily vitamins, keeping them hydrated throughout the day is another very important aspect of preventing cramps, and this is one of the most common culprits due to excessive soda and juice drinking. Try your best to make your son or daughter drink multiple glasses of water throughout the day, especially if they engage in lots of physical activity. If you really can't get hem to accept the water, you can always include electrolyte water into their healthy juice drinks.

Cramping Caused by Exercise and Strenuous Physical Activity

When an unprepared and unconditioned muscle is pushed to a point that it is not used to, your body will often times let you know what's going on by sending the muscle in question into an uncontrollable spasm or cramp, making you think twice before running so fast or playing so hard next time. Even though your children's muscles may be young and healthy, it doesn't mean that they are completely invulnerable. If your child is complaining of cramping at some point after or during physical activity, it's very likely that they simply pushed their muscles a bit too hard and are now paying for it. There is an all natural remedy that has done a whole lot of good for professional and amateur athletes who are often times forced to go above and beyond their level of fitness in an effort to succeed, but this doesn't mean that you can simply run forever without feeling any pain.

The Amish remedy that has recently made it's way onto the market and into various athletic circles is produced by Caleb Treeze Organic Farms and contains only organic ingredients. This stuff is able to prevent leg cramps for a good 24 hours, and may very well be the one remedy out there that can actually stop cramps right away. Since this mixture is in liquid form, you don't have to wait 30 minutes for a pill to dissolve like you would have to with any prescription or over the counter painkiller, and there isn't a single adverse side-effect to be found.

Additional Information On Muscle Cramping and Spasms

In past years, quinine bisulphate has been prescribed as an empirical treatment for muscle cramping. The reasons for it's effectiveness were unknown, but quinine is now illegal to prescribe for this purpose as the side-effects that can be contrived are far too serious. Tons of people were left with nowhere to turn once quinine was outlawed, but the appearance of the previously mentioned Amish remedy on the market has really changed that, allowing anyone to receive immediate leg cramp relief for an extremely affordable price.

Other methods include bars of soap under your bedsheets at night, yellow mustard, pickle juice and quite a few other household items, but doctors and scientists frankly have no idea if any of these options do any good at all, and you are much better off going for something that at least has a whole lot of positive feedback from the people who use it. My personal favorite, and the personal favorite of quite a few other people out there is actually over 100 years old. It's an Amish remedy for muscle cramps, and you can use it to PREVENT the cramps, not just stop them. Learn more at

You can also search up Stops Leg Cramps on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to get connected and learn more about this natural remedy.


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