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Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy

Updated on December 30, 2011

Let us admit it, every time we make love, it indeed bothers every woman – we fear getting pregnant. Whatever the case may be when you have made out with your boyfriend or husband, the fear sends the same cold shivers down the body of every woman.

An unplanned pregnancy can be a traumatic experience for the mother and for the conceived baby, often causing a lot of embarrassment. It can lead to a lot of mental and emotional stress and trauma, wreaking havoc on the mother’s and child’s health. It can even go to the extent of ruining your relationship with your parents and no less with the father of the offspring.

While abortion is also not an easy option, you can also not keep the baby with yourself too. There is plenty of risk in taking the chance as one would have to go through shady hospitals (good ones don’t do abortions any more), and the cost factor is there too.

The physical trauma accompanied with the emotional stress can be hazardous for your social life and personal relations. It can lead to loss of one’s vitality and always make you feel sinful and guilty of your simple love action.

To save yourself from the poor situation, when everyone turns against you, to address the consequences of unprotected sex, you need a trusted and empowering solution. To avoid the possibility of abortion, to prevent oneself from mental and physical trauma, a Levonogestral molecule-based emergency contraceptive pill like the I-pill can be used. The pill can be consumed within 72 hours of unprotected sex or contraceptive failures like a torn condom or missing cycle.

The pill works at three different stages to prevent unplanned pregnancy: it delays ovulation, or if ovulation has taken place, it avoids fertilization of the egg or, if fertilization has happened, it does not allow implantation of the egg. So, the next time you miss your periods, your partner didn’t wear a condom or it cracked, you don’t need to worry. There is one solution to all these problems – the pill.

It is the safest way to say that you can choose whenever you wish to get pregnant and to assert your freedom and right.


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