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Preventive Destructive Measuremets

Updated on August 15, 2011

Preventive Destructive Measurements

Preventive Destructive Measurements
Preventive Destructive Measurements | Source

The Saudis Of Course and A380

Preventive Destructive Measurements

When all else fails use your preventive destructive measures to help you cultivate a story of interest. What is a preventive destructive measure? Well, daily utilizing our brain and typing skills some of us have falling victim to destructive measures in our writing skills. We have burned out what was not there in the first place. A very difficult style to writing a story with meaning and to grasp a hold of its index, and forcing upon the measures of the masses of people who read your material. The never ending sentence that puts ones heart to a kilter and stand still. The very paragraph you are reading is a great example to my theory of my destructive measures in writing.

I have looked in for answers to write about an article for discussion, yet nothing new stuck out in my face except that Lucy is one hundred years old as of today. Well, in reality maybe she would have been yet she is long past and gone to the heavens. I did find a part on a Sheik’s new A380 private jet. This private jet is the largest of its kind and the new passenger jet A380 is barely out on the runways flying now. Leave it to the Saudi Arabians to come up with most anything of gigantic proportions to overflow our tiny little brains out of whack. Therefore, whisking by the other articles where Barney has a baby and Julia Roberts gives birth to a monkey; I found nothing of value to write about from this website and a few others. I have fallen victim to preventive destructive measure this afternoon and didn’t even know it till it was too late.

The A380 passenger flight plane, have you seen this? Here is some video on this monster of an airplane that has a wing span the length of a football field. Beautiful appointments on the Singapore Airlines planes, with Suites that include bath and bed assignments for the arguably rich. What is so fantastic is the amount of people this airliner can fly with two stories of airline seats and windows to look out at the sky at day or night and all seats are larger and more spacious for the passengers. This falls out of my preventive destructive measure for a story, and kicks in reality for the few whom will fly in this baby.

The destructive measure of a story can be that there is no –sense to the rest of the article in relation to the subject of an article. What I need is preventive measurements in place to strike out at the reader and place emphasizes on what I am trying to get across. Though defeating my purpose for this article on preventive destructive measurements, I will shut the article down with this, if you have nothing to write find something, or you have just bored your entire readership to death and hopefully they know you’re burned out and writing foolish junk. The preventive destructive measurement is a great example of this type of writing and we will see less than more.


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