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Preventive Measures of Depression.

Updated on May 21, 2017

Do you know that depression caused by associations and mental aptitude can be prevented by learning to recognize the early signs of onset of depression?

A recent medical research has shown that some strains of depression can be alleviated by ascribing to a healthy and active lifestyle. In this write up, you'll learn about the early symptoms of depression and how you can minimize the chances of becoming a statistics of those affected by the condition.

Warning Signs of Depression.

1. Foul mood.

Individuals who are candidates of depression often feel sad about everything they interact with. They are hard to socialize with, they like solitude and are often rude to colleagues and those they interact with.

2. Guilt-ridden conscious.

If you often feel like you are always at fault, chances are you might be slipping to depression. This feeling of negativity builds up over time making the victim feel like they are trapped in a hole with no ending.

3. A negative feeling towards life.

People who are headed to depression do not envy life however interesting events may be. Such people venture outside less and always endeavor to have a solitary life. It's not uncommon for individuals undergoing such a stage to have suicidal thoughts from time to time.

4. Suicidal thoughts.

The early signs of depression makes an individual feel unwanted and not valued. At times of rejection, such people have a numbing feeling of wanting to end their lives and bring their troubles to an end.

Research has shown that people with alcoholism problems are more likely to harbor suicidal thoughts.

5. Anxiousness

6. Hopelessness

If you often feel like you are in a never ending cycle of problems, then take care for you might be a candidate of depression.


Preventive you can take to minimize chance of falling into depression.

1. Have time with your family and friends.

2. Ascribe to a healthy lifestyle such as responsible drinking.

3. Do not work alone.

4. Learn to separate between office time and family time.

5. Join a social grouping.

Steps to Overcoming Depression.

Life pressures can leave you worn out and hopeless. But should these pressures be let to graduate to tragedy? Certainly. In the video below, you can learn some useful tips on how to overcome depression and live life on your own terms.

Bottom Line

It doesn't matter the pressure you are going through. The fact is, you can always take things positively and minimize your chances of slipping into depression. Take the first steps towards a healthier, depression free life through this guide.


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    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      22 months ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      These are great tips, however, the distorted thought patterns that accompany depression usually leave the person without the ability to differentiate between fact and reality. The lack of hope that accompanies depression is so pervasive that it is impossible to see any good in the world. It is like a fog that settles in on the brain, blocking out the view of the sun. After a while, the person begins to believe that there is no longer any sun, and that the world everywhere is covered with fog.


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