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Primary and Secondary Cycles of Lifespan: My Intuitive Speculation

Updated on June 15, 2019
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

Oh, Well, Getting Old Is Not Bad, As Long As It's Feeling Good
Oh, Well, Getting Old Is Not Bad, As Long As It's Feeling Good

Just an Old-Timer's Intellectual Delicacy

From time to time my busy intuitive speculating gains some courage to be shared with those who may also intellectually indulge in some of their own. Not claiming to be anything more than a sheer fiction, and yet with a bit of that "aroma of truthfulness" which sometimes makes certain deep pieces of poetry shift our thinking gear to overdrive.

Such is the case of this sudden idea that surprised me with its begging for a possible elaboration, while it sounded just crazy enough to become correct some day -- like so many other pieces of fiction that have turned out to be true. Namely, as I was leisurely thinking about the lifespans of people---as compared to that one of animals, my intuition kicked in serving me a certain possibility on a platter.

Now, if you have not hit your seventies as yet, you still have some time before the topic of possibly tricking your biological clock becomes your attractive intellectual pastime. Especially so if you have not subscribed for a heavenly salvation of your soul through your religious belief, meaning a life after this one---you might have consulted a book on those super-nutrients, or any other source of knowledge that would pamper your wishful thinking about living to be hundred and over.

But, let's get now to my own theorizing, which, by the way, may be just as "probable" as any of those of some scholars, except that mine is not decorated with their academic cosmetics.

"I Hope the Old Fart Doesn't Expect Me to Fetch It!"
"I Hope the Old Fart Doesn't Expect Me to Fetch It!"

Two Cycles of Lifespan

I wonder if you ever found it strange that a dog may, by some fluke of nature, extend its life for a few years, but never comparatively to us who may live way over hundred, as has been fairly documented. However, while dog may spend that borrowed time being useless, with possible costs of meds and operations which make you swear never to have a dog again, man can live to be hundred and still enjoy more than sex out of that age.

O.K., maybe not without a little help from the tiny blue pill, but with that eagerness in his eyes which you won't see at the dog, whose bad eyesight may not allow him to even recognize a sexy bitch among a few cats.

Thus, it could be quite fair to assume that animals' lifespan is fixed by their genetic program, whereas a man's can exceed what would be his own "normal" life expectations. Just for fun, without any ambition to see it one day in books on gerontology, I gave that animal genetic program the name primary cycle of lifespan.

Well, it a kind of saddens me to say it, but, according to some obvious statistics, most of the humans share it with the animal kingdom, without having found a reliable way to extend it into what I called secondary cycle of lifespan.

Hey, I Got a Lot of Spare Genes, You Wanna Buy Some?
Hey, I Got a Lot of Spare Genes, You Wanna Buy Some?

No Spare Parts in Our Body

Now, don't ask me why I suddenly found so significant the relatively new scientific discoveries about those over 90% of the genes in our genome appearing as not belonging to human species, and in any case looking dormant and doing nothing there.

From some other files in my mind jumped out those Einstein's words that "there are no spare parts in this universe". I liked the sound of it when I read it the first time, so I deposited it in my memory bank, for "just in case" if I would ever use it in future.

You know, at this age of 74, being like many others of this age group, I may even pick up a screw from the ground and take it home, for "you never know..."

So, after combining these two ideas, I got hot over a possibility that our nature, otherwise so elegantly putting everything else within the space of our skin and giving it a smart purpose, wouldn't go a "junk-collector" by giving us 90% of useless genes.

Hey, we are not talking about hair which we can live without -- although not particularly happy about it -- but a part of our cellular intelligence. I have read somewhere how even that stupid-looking appendix has more purpose than giving us that painful appendicitis.

You know what I mean? Now, if my fantasizing hasn't turned you away so far, maybe it won't bother you too much if I add to it my speculation that human species originate from a genetic engineering done by extraterrestrials -- and now, those "spare genes" belong to them as their "paternity contribution" to our genome.

In my awfully amateurish vision I see those genes being in a submission to the much "louder" energy frequencies of that animalistic, primate part -- not getting a chance to express themselves.

Think about it. We tend to take for granted those examples of geniuses, or savants of almost outlandish and unexplainable abilities and centenarians as a sort of "fluke of the nature"; but what if those flukes are nothing but some of those ET-genes finding a crack of opportunity to sneak out to their expression.

I wish I could better explain some outlandish phenomena, like for instance, that Indian girl being able to multiply a seven digit number with another seven digit number in her head. Just thinking about such a task is threatening to burn the fuses in my head.

"Hmm...I Wonder What Is That Tin Dude up to with That Big Needle!"
"Hmm...I Wonder What Is That Tin Dude up to with That Big Needle!"

Intimidated by Primate Genes

Indeed, why is it that meditators live longer, need less sleep, enjoy better health, and tend to be more "spiritual"? What the heck is that inner drive for spirituality anyway?

Here is my little explanation. As we meditate -- or become more spiritual for the same matter -- we reduce the activity of that animalistic part of our genome, which allows those ET-genes to at least whisper their superior stuff into our psycho-physical constitution. Thus, it doesn't surprise me that the more spiritual we are, the less we display of our animalistic territoriality, arrogance, greed to amass the survival means, and a tendency to play power games.

I am inclined to conclude that those "dormant" genes are not just idling there, but are active in a way which cannot be detected for two reasons. One is already mentioned: the beast in us is keeping them in submission while being primarily engaged in its games of survival. And the other reason is that their frequencies are so subtle and not measurable by the same methods, so they look passive.

Somewhat similar being the case with so called "chi"-energy which is dismissed as an ancient folklore belief by the mainstream science -- despite some almost miraculous qigong healings done by qigong masters, and some unexplainable feats performed by shaolin masters. When science can't explain something, they often resort to ridiculing it. Well, academic vanity is just as stupid as an ignorant's, when you really look at it.

In another conclusion, some of those ET-genes are responsible for a birth of a genius, while some other may be for longevity, or even for extrasensory perception. Such conclusion followed that fact that smart specimens like Einstein did not live an impressively long life; and, let's say Mozart even had a short one, along with his musical genius obviously not affecting other areas of his life. Namely, he could even be called quite foolish for the way he was mismanaging his money.

Then, some illiterate simpleton having spent his whole life working on a Chinese rice field could live to be hundred and over. What's the secret of his longevity, and how does it translate into my story about those ET-genes?

What Muse of Our Divine Nature Is Inspiring Us?
What Muse of Our Divine Nature Is Inspiring Us?

Stress a "Culprit"? What Else Is New!

Roughly speaking, it's about the accumulated stress-related program in our animalistic portion of genome from one generation to another adding up to our own over the period of our primary cycle of lifespan.

Yes, it's all about stress of psycho-physical survival. Let me tell you up front that we are capable to override any genetic predisposition with our own advanced level of consciousness. And with that same advanced consciousness we can lower those animalistic tendencies that are keeping those ET-genes at bay.

Modern biology is telling us about epigenetics, or the enormous affect that our "emotional climate" and beliefs have on our cells' vitality. Well, unfortunately, epigenetics is not a common knowledge, and most of us are basically "waiting for our number to be called up" by St. Peter, or whoever is in charge of our "destiny", as we like to call it.

My story says that everything vibrates with certain frequencies, and so does that ET part of our genome. Our stress, with its nasty crude frequencies is causing interferences within our pool of energies, preventing us from experiencing out that best in ourselves. So we spend our formative years accumulating all strategies of survival, and sponging in a worldview which is negativistic by nature.

All in all, as far as our cycle of lifespan goes, we are doing the same what a dog would do -- using our years "responding" to life more or less like reactive automatons, and also reviving that ancestral predisposition to stress in our animalistic portion of DNA. By the time we are reaching our prime phase of maturity, something in us is already tired of life, as we have become true experts in the art of getting pissed-off just about anything

And that, my friends, prevents the ignition of that secondary cycle of lifespan in our genome -- according to this out-of-the-box intuitive speculator.

"We Are Only Humans, and There Is Nothing to Be Done about It"
"We Are Only Humans, and There Is Nothing to Be Done about It"

Consciousness, Not Wakefulness

Let me get back to the nature of consciousness for a moment. Being conscious is not the same as being aware, as that word un-consciousness would suggest. To be conscious means being in tune with the creative principle of the universe as it expresses itself through the prism of our human embodiment.

So, in my view, consciousness is in a reverse proportion to the animalistic expression of our genome. Or, the more we are engrossed with our survival and its many aspects, the less we are conscious -- again, not in the sense of being awaken. It is my consciousness that wakes me up at a certain time which I set my mind for the night before. It is my consciousness that makes me look down just a moment before I would step on a chewing gum.

A dog can be awakened and aware, but not conscious, which is our advantage and specialty. A dog can't introspect, can't "know" about its perceptions and change its attitudes. We can, and this consciousness is our ticket to the secondary cycle of the lifespan.

Thus, it is not enough to be merely "aware" of our processing the reality, but intentionally modifying it, which comes with those ET-genes. We don't know that we can, because no one has made it more popular than that mantra: "We are only imperfect humans".

Living consciously means choosing for ourselves those models of psycho-physical functioning which intuitively make more sense, and are ultimately more rewarding. Constant inner conflicts, whether "running in the family" or being inspired by the society keep our survivalist, animalistic genes in charge in our genome, not allowing those ET-genes to take over after the primary cycle runs out.

I understand that hardly any of you may adopt these ET-genes for something real. To many of you it may merely sound like that old and worn-out story about "stress being bad for us". However, I have tried to make it something beyond that.

It doesn't matter what words are being used to bring the people's attention to the possibility of their being much more than they are now and enjoy it -- including a longer and happier life.

For Some of Us Sky Will Never Be High Enough
For Some of Us Sky Will Never Be High Enough

Maybe the Time Will Come...

Personally, I have from ever enthused myself about this possibility of our being a part of a much more dignifying design than our eating, sleeping, and pooping would suggest. Looking at the stars at night I just can't help but wonder about the mystery of our origin.

And looking at the global affairs of animalistic repertoire I simply feel that need to share my enthusiasm and to possibly inspire a person or two with that divine vision of an intelligent cosmic community that's watching over us -- because that's what parents do.

With all that's going on politically and otherwise, I hope I can be forgiven for sometimes feeling as if I am not of this planet. A deep part of me is shedding a tear over the mankind which can't spot in themselves that part of their inheritance which would justify their calling themselves "homo sapiens".

Maybe the time will come when that second cycle of lifespan becomes something to celebrate, along with a new awareness that we are not alone in this universe, with a spiritual umbilical cord connecting our genome to a source of a higher intelligence. But, will we listen this time, after all our gods didn't speak convincingly enough --judging by the looks of this world?

Every time my eyes reluctantly open after a deep meditation, my very first thought is to keep making my reality enjoyable -- without waiting for other people or favorable events to assist me in that. Something in me tells me that my whole intimate reality will always be my own creation.

With that responsibility in my mind, every next step is a dance on a floor of infinite choices.

© 2017 Vladimir Karas


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    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      2 years ago from Canada

      MizBejabbers---Right on.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      2 years ago from Beautiful South

      We can agree to disagree on Karma, Vlad. I do agree that we don't come back as lower forms, but I know, personally, that we cross genders. If you haven't experienced it or have no memory of it, as I have, you have no reason to believe it. As far as GWB, I agree that he can't come back as a donkey. I would say "too bad" if he hadn't already been such a jackass in this life.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      2 years ago from Canada

      Michael, my old buddy---It's always a big pleasure hearing from you! I know you are deeply devoted to your faith, and some concepts of my hub may not sound "possible", with everything that has worked for you so well, including your good health.

      I respect you for all your previous temptations to sharply disagree, which you never expressed, and I could only sense them between the lines of your comments. You even kept showering me with compliments that are not easy to live up to. You are a great human being, Michael, and whatever precisely your beliefs may be, they are noble and helpful. - Be well, my friend.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      2 years ago from Canada

      MizBejabbers---I understand that your interpretation of Karma may be the popular one in metaphysical circles, but I still can't accept it as such. I don't think we "come back" as another gender, and I don't think we are "sent back" to partially pay for our past mistakes.

      In my view, we are sent back being the same, "fingerprints and everything" to learn new lessons which would bring us closer and closer to our divine blueprint, in which form we exist for a while after leaving this life.

      To my understanding, in each incarnation our embodied soul carries our record from the past lives, arranging for us circumstances which may or may not upgrade us.

      The family abuse that you are mentioning has nothing to do with your "moral debt" created by a Genghis Kahn's soldier-or-so, but it was a school for you to graduate by spiritually outgrowing beyond the temptations to blame, to hold grudge, to be emotionally scarred, and alike.

      Now, we may be playing with words here, because I don't call it "Karma", but spiritual evolution. To me Karma would be paying for our past wrongdoings.

      Innocent children die because on their energy level they experience a shock of an energy interference which they can't withstand. But that would be another story, and it would have nothing to do with Karma again.

      As for GWB, he is relatively "happy", and in his next life he certainly won't be born as a donkey, but as himself. It was up to the society to "be his Karma".

      Well, that's a little of my understanding of all that.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      2 years ago from Beautiful South

      Sorry, I just now realized how far off I got from the original subject. I agree that there are no "facts" to support a psychologist's intellectual view. Perhaps that's why I didn't do so well in college psychology.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      2 years ago from Beautiful South

      Vlad, I agree that the theory of Karma might work against your intellect, but I disagree that the overall facts speak against it. Karma, as we in metaphysics understand it does not necessarily mean that a person "won't get his just desserts". I get your point about GWB, living happily down in Texas after starting a useless war, but I don't believe you can use that as proof. First, we don't know that he is happy. He spent a presidency on Antabuse, and many in our media still allege that he continues to have an alcoholic problem. But even that is neither here nor there. He will get his. It may be in the next life or two or maybe even a dozen until he learns an earthly lesson. Also, the innocent children you speak of may not have been so innocent in the past. Almost all children are innocent until they are awakened or grow up in our society. Let me use myself for example, looking at this life alone, I did nothing to deserve being the victim of domestic abuse. However, going back to previous lives, was it the one I spent as a warrior under Genghis Khan or some other life time when I may have been a male who abused women. I will know when I cross back over and I will remember how it felt to be a woman and abused. Right now I'm doing all I can to help bring in the divine feminine to balance out the over-masculinity in today's world.

    • Michael-Milec profile image


      2 years ago

      Hi Vlad. Wonderful story of the creator's design of human body described by your exlusively fantastic vocabulary.If not for simularities of subject I would once againg after reading not dare to comment, simply due to demanding sentence structuring, plus seems to me it was mainly writen for the folks a decade junior of me, who unlikely do not 'pick up a screw from the ground and take home" as I do. See my friend I am kind of slower pre ww2 made Slavic descent .

      Before I could know the first hand information i had to decipher scientific terminology such as " originate from a genetic engineering done by extraterrestrials', then to compare to the pragmatic informations I am living with over seven decades now, namely that a man has been into the image of the creator created little lower then Godhead and crowned with honor and majesty..." From here on I could flow with your delicately explained details especially the part why we become more spiritual as we meditate. So simple to me since I know from the moment my spiritual me became alive in divine likeness as the blessings follows me promised to all who habitually medityate/ ponder and studies in the instructions and teachings of God. Sounds weird,- perhaps, but from there flow all information maintaining my healthy diet, " Secondary Cycle of Lyfespan" - I never heard about until now...

      Sorry, I better discontinue this somehove unconventional narration.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      2 years ago from Canada

      MizBejabbers---I hope I didn't make myself sound like I somehow qualify to provide "answers" to something that you wouldn't already know---I am not "lecturing", just sharing my opinion.

      Likewise, it's fine with me that you believe in Karma so strongly---well, I don't. Not because it would be my intellectual preference, but because the facts are speaking against it.

      For example, according to the files of countless unsolved criminal cases on every level of justice system, there are many murders and other violent crimes telling the story about some people literally "getting away with a murder".

      Your ex-president Bush started a war based on some false intelligence, and billions of dollars later, and some million deaths later he is enjoying his retirement.

      Examples like that could fill a long list; along with opposite cases where totally innocent folks, including children got violated without "deserving it" by their "Karma".

      On a less dramatic level, I think that we unconsciously sabotage our best intentions, and with that negative intent carrying a stronger frequency we attract to ourselves unwanted outcomes.

      On a certain level it's all a math between intensities of frequencies. I always do my best (or close to it) to overpower the negative vibes of people around me by "pumping alpha", as I call it. Yes, some people "pump iron", or their muscles, while I am pumping alpha frequencies generated by my "alpha density continuum" as I privately call it. Namely, I don't allow a big gap between waves, otherwise it's a futile game of going back and forth.

      So, anyway, I certainly agree that we could have some great conversations. But, aren't we already?

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      2 years ago from Beautiful South

      I really don't have any questions along that line, Vlad, I'm just putting it forth as a question for some to consider. There is one spirtualist (whom I won't name) who does not believe in Karma but thinks that we desire to have all our experiences, bad or good. I disagree with her and believe strongly in Karma. Sometimes it seems that your beliefs may be more in line with hers. But I will agree that my higher self intervenes in my lifestyle a lot! Nonetheless, I think that, if given the opportunity, you and I could enjoy a very interesting private conversation.

      BTW, as a budding young parapsychologist, I used self-hypnosis to quit smoking. I tried one cigarette a few years later, and it made me deathly ill. Thought you might get a kick out of that.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      2 years ago from Canada

      Greenmind---Your comment makes me hope to ever deserve it, and also to find right words of gratitude. Until then: thank you so much.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      2 years ago from Canada

      Gilbert---I am overjoyed to notice how many of my hubs gave you something to be inspired about. Commenters like you are a generous gift to my literary attempts.- . All the best to you, my friend

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      2 years ago from Canada

      MizBejabbers---First, thank you for your kind assessment of my gift you mention, I deeply appreciate it. Well, it takes someone gifted to experience it that way.

      I think I understand what you are talking about; although I can't know how well my comment may fit into your ways of interpreting things.

      It really depends who in ourselves we are identifying with. When we identify with our "soul", or that ultimate and divine truth in us, all duality is gone, and we don't experience anything "dealt to us" as a bad hand. We lose that critical standard of comparison between "good" and "bad" befalling us. In its own way life simply continues to be a challenge, a test, an opportunity to grow---one way or another.

      Suppose you wanted to quit smoking, but couldn't mobilize enough will-power. Then you suddenly develop a strange condition in your body, and it's clearly related to your smoking habit. Finally you find all that motivation to quit. Question: what do you think, what in you decided to cater to that want to quit your habit by making you sick?

      Yes, it is a nasty way to do it, and from time to time "life" gives us obstacles to be dealt with, so that we can outgrow the previous level of emoting, thinking, or believing.

      We may not understand it, we do everything "right" and yet the results are not in our favor.

      There is that inner guide, that higher self that you already know a lot about, and "she"(in your case) decides to call the shots by interfering.

      Why you? Because you already are on that path of spirituality, and in the eyes of your guide your responsibility to keep advancing is bigger than the one of a person to whom "spirituality is a bunch of useless fantasies". You know the rule: once you step into that magic territory of spirituality---there is no returning, the process is irreversible.

      As for your doggie, both you and your husband invested into him so much loving frequencies that "Jesus-effect" took place, I mean, you prolonged his life. That doggie was a part of your spiritual mirror, reflecting back what you gave him. Remember those lessons about dogs from Cesar Millan's shows? : dogs constantly sense our energy. You gave your doggie that gift of a long life, and that gift persisted in the air for those months after he was gone: your own image of deep human goodness projected on another species.

      Why do you think some people's house plants maintain more vitality than someone else's?

      I hope I gave you at least some material to give yourself some answers to those questions. - Be well, my friend.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      2 years ago from Beautiful South

      Vlad, you have a special gift of couching some really deep serious metaphysical thoughts in such a manner that even mainstream folks can read, understand and chew on them. The question is, do we really make our own lives or are we subject to a soul contract that we make before we enter this life. If so, how much of that influences our misery or happiness. Did you ever feel like you made a wise decision, but then when it blew up in your face, you looked at it and felt like the rules had changed in the middle of the game? When you went back over the facts that were available at the time, you would make the same decision again today? That's what I'm talking about. Some people just get tired of fighting life and don't have a desire for that secondary lifespan.

      I'm not too sure about the doggy bit, though. Our last dog, a chow/shar pei mix, lived to be nearly 14, and the vet kept asking what we were doing to lengthen his lifespan. Nothing, he just had a very special relationship with my husband. When he died, we felt his life force hang around for several months.

    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind Guides 

      2 years ago from USA

      Sheer genius!

    • rebelogilbert profile image

      Gilbert Arevalo 

      2 years ago from Hacienda Heights, California

      Fascinating thoughts, Val.


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