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Exercise Regimen and Why It Is Important

Updated on August 16, 2017
Keep climbing each day
Keep climbing each day | Source

Do you exercise enough?

Not enough. Everyone says that.


Not enough time. Not enough motivation. Not worth it. Too old for that sort of things. Poor health.

All excuses. Why exercise at all?

We are all born into this world to be alive and kicking. Our health and our happiness depends on how regularly we exercise and keep fit. We have our hands and our legs for these purposes only. Our hands to touch, feel and do work . Our legs to carry us from one place to another.

Our mere breathing is for the diaphragm and the lungs to work together, and to take in fresh air and and take out the foul air from inside. Our eyes blinks to relax our whole body.

Unless a illness or a disease strikes our body, it carries on with its bodily functions by relying on nutrition, work and rest. A lack on any one of these three essential ingredient of life will result in weakening of the immune system. However, it carries on with its bodily functions and with the proper nutrition and rest stay active and healthy.

The only way to be happy is to make our body stronger, quicker, subtler, energized, radiant, immune and at peace with the environment.

How do you do that? Exercise, exercise and more exercise. There is no short cut.

Eating good food, meditation and exercises supplements each other to keep fit. What will ultimately gives you good health and happiness is a combination of all the three.

Maintaining an active lifestyle is easy. Is it enough for you?

You might think "My life is great, I'm healthy, I'm strong, I don't ever get sick, I don't need to do heavy exercises, buy expensive equipment keep myself fit and healthy. I'm happy the way that I am right now." actually adds up and may sounds like a plan to you. However,this is not the perfect plan for a healthy you. You need to push yourself a little further in order to make yourself stronger, healthier and a much happier person. Yes.

So, what are the prerequisites of a healthy and happy life?

Clean air, nutritious food and a healthy environment are all prerequisites for a healthy and a happy lifestyle. However, even after having all of them together, you can still feel the pangs of a weak health and an over-all lethargy, if you are not exercising your body enough.

Remember the last time you had to stay at home nursing a bad cold or the time you missed out on a weekend outing just because you were feeling good. Or the time you missed something because you woke up late and you were not feeling 100% fit.

Simple stated - no lifestyle is complete or self-sufficient without a health program. The need for an exercise regimen to keep you fit and live up to the demands of a busy and a stressful lifestyle is unequivocal.

No one is safe from the diseases and germs

People who are most prone to lifestyle diseases are those that lead a sedentary lifestyle.Even people who are physically fit and active are quite prone to the diseases, the viruses and the sudden outbreaks. They also get exposed to the pathogens and parasites like everyone else. An exercise regime is the only way to fight the diseases and the germs that attack our immune system. They make us fitter to cope with a modern lifestyle and maintain a very healthy fitness level.

Our need for a daily exercise regimen cannot be over-emphasized here!

It is needless to say that Yoga, Aerobics, sports, martial arts, dances, have earned their places in keeping people fit and healthy for many years. They have not made all loud claims .

Never too late to start!

A different fit for everyone

Between running for your work and attending to your personal needs, we need to devote a small amount of time in a personal fitness program. This regimen may differ from person to person depending on the overall fitness level of that person.

A dance class, aerobics, yoga, martial arts, bodybuilding are only some of the programs offering great results and benefits.

Choose one right now.

Consult a fitness trainer and then decide on a program that is designed for you. Some of these exercises are known for their effectiveness in dealing with the most lethal of all diseases all on their own. You still hear of total cure by doing these exercises and routines.

Dont skimp. Start acting now

These exercises need to be planned and performed regularly, They have to be performed with grit and determination. If only for an hour or two hours, but their benefits are many and lifelong. Consistency is the key to make good progress. It is making a decision to start out that is difficult. Once you get started, there will be nothing stopping you. You will have nothing to worry about as the results will start to show in just a few days and you will start to feel much better about it..

To start to feel better about yourself and your own body is true happiness and will bring you ultimate contentment and bliss.

The end result is a happier, healthier you.

A healthy body give you peace of mind, spiritual well being and a strong personality. It makes you a happier person leading to more fulfillment and joys in life. Make our earth a healthy place to be. Show some fitness in you not lethargy or sloth. Nor procrastination. No excuses. Only the active and a healthier you.

Pick up each day from where you have left and never worry about results. Enjoy what you do everyday until they become a natural part of you.

Happy are the days ahead if you exercise daily!

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