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Pro-Life: We're not the Radicals

Updated on July 23, 2016

I got in an argument with someone the other day about being pro-life and how important it can be to save the lives of the unborn. They had a small argument, but brought up a lot of points that I thought were kind of ridiculous. Many I think were fueled by the media and hadn’t even been thought out by the person speaking them.

For some reason in our society, we have decided that it is backwards, uncool, and just radical to want to save the lives of little babies. If you stand up for these rights, you are seen as hindering reproductive rights, not allowing the women their own choice (we are now called “anti-choice” rather than pro-life), and so much more.

But there is so much more to being pro-life than taking away your freedoms. You can speak for your freedoms; the unborn child can’t.

I’m hoping in this article that I get a chance to discuss some of the points that this person brought up and explaining from my point of view why pro-life is not the radical choice and how our views are so misconstrued by the media!

My Background

I think I should start with a little bit of my own background. I am not the typical person that the media portrays as pro-life. I don’t have twenty kids and spend all day in church, although I think that religion is important. I am not uneducated. You will not thing the Duggar’s when you come to my home.

I did receive an education. In fact, I graduated with a 5 year degree in just 3 in Journalism and Mass Communications. I was part of the media for awhile. Right before I graduated, I found out I was pregnant with m first kid.

Many people would assume I should consider an abortion. I was just finishing college and about to embark on my professional career. But for me, abortion was never an option. Newly married, my husband and I found a way to make it work and did so again nine months later when our second child was born.

While many pro-choice people believe that I gave up my career and ruined my life for children, that is not so. Instead, I decided that I didn’t want to let my dreams go up in smoke, but I also wanted to be around and see my children grow. I started two successful businesses from home while helping my husband start his own as well.

We weren’t hindered by our children, we just had to find a new way and that way was much better than the corporate world we would have been stuck with otherwise.

Don’t Value Free Education

Free education is a great idea. There is no reason that college tuition is so high! The average debt when I graduated college five years ago was $27,000. Today the average is $35,000. I worked a full time job, got over half my education paid for me, and went to a state college, and five years after graduation, I still owe more than $20,000 on my own (not counting my husbands), for a degree that I frankly don’t use.

I think that free education is great, but our government has no incentive to change it. Think about it, our student loan debt is in the trillions and most are government funded. This means that each year they are making 6% or more off just handing out money. This is a huge profit for them with very little work.

Even with some people defaulting, they are going to make huge profits. Why would they want to offer education for free when they are making easy money from it? I’m all for free education, despite being pro-life, but we need to convince our government to help us with that one.

Don’t Value Free Healthcare

I’m not sure where this one came into play. Free healthcare would be amazing! Maybe it’s the fact that we are against the Affordable Care Act? But this isn’t really free healthcare so it doesn’t make sense.

Sure, there are some Americans who have gotten free healthcare out of the mix and that’s great. But what about the majority of Americans who aren’t living on welfare or not working? My family of four is paying over $600 a month for healthcare and have $7000 per person deductible. Considering we rarely get sick and maybe spend a few hundred at the doctor total each year, we aren’t getting anything free and actually paying more!

If our government could actually come up with free healthcare, like that found in other developed countries, rather than mandatory payment healthcare, we’d be all for that!

Don’t Value Choices

I have recently heard that the term pro-life is being exchanged for anti-choice. This is horrible. We are not against choices. But as far as I’m concerned, your choice ended when you had unprotected sex. Sure there is the argument that some people are raped and get pregnant, but were are the statistics on that actually happening?

Don’t Value Welfare Programs

Another argument that this person made was that we didn’t value welfare programs to help people out! That is completely false! The issue we have with welfare programs is the lazy people who are on them for no reason.

I have met so many people on welfare, and most of them could be just fine if they got up and worked. I met someone who got welfare just because they were over a certain BMI for their weight. They could easily lose a few pounds and get a job, but it was easier to stay on the welfare and not work.

Illegals are often using the welfare system. Our government just hands it out if you’re from another place, making it harder for those who legitimately need it to get the help.

I am all for the single mothers and struggling families who just lost their jobs getting welfare, but the majority on the system need to be removed to free up money for those who need it.

Having Children Slows You Down

That is just an excuse. Blaming children for slowing you down is a lazy excuse for not putting in the time and work necessary. Sure, you have to make some changes to your life with a child, but you can still achieve all your dreams.

After having children at a young age, I still opened my own business. I had friends who got pregnant in high school and went to college, got degrees, and even opened their own businesses. Sure, you do have to change the timeline sometimes, but all the rewards can be sweeter when you have to work harder. Plus all that love from a kid can be amazing!

We Don’t Help Afterwards

A common argument that a lot of people have when it comes to abortion and pro-life is that we just care about the baby and don’t help out the mothers during and after the pregnancy. The mother just needs to ask and she will get all the help that she needs.

Just in my little Midwestern town, there are options to help out expecting mothers, and they aren’t even welfare programs. We have the Pregnancy Center which will provide free testing to find out if you are pregnant, free pre-natal care, and even clothes, diapers, and other supplies for after the baby is born.

Many areas have these, you just need to ask around. A mother who has an unexpected pregnancy is not alone and many people are there to help.

There are No Other Options

Just because you are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy does not mean you are stuck with no other options than abortion. There are a number of options including:

  1. Taking care of the baby yourself. This can be hard, but with the right support group, you will find that this is not a decision you regret!

  2. Adoption—there are many families who aren’t able to have their own children. This can be one of the hardest decisions of your life, but can help you to give your child a chance at life.

The biggest issue in this country is the cost of adoption. There are many families who want to adopt to add to their family, but $40,000 is hard to just come by. The fact that you have $40,000 laying around does not necessarily make you a fit parent and there are many fantastic parents who will never have that much money to lay down for a possible adoption.


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