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Pro Teeth Guard: A Tool For Better and More Affordable Dental Health

Updated on December 3, 2012

It is estimated that as many as 20% of adult Americans suffer from chronic teeth grinding, a condition characterized by teeth gnashing during sleep or when a person is stressed or angry. As uncomfortable as the symptoms are for the jaws and teeth, only about 80% of those affected know they have it. Teeth grinding, medically known as bruxism, is often caused by stress or certain medical conditions. Usually by treating the condition or disease, the patient experiences a respite from the symptoms. For others, however, it remains a chronic problem. To protect the teeth and ease pressure on the jaws, a mouth guard such as Pro Teeth Guard may be prescribed by the dentist.

How does a mouth guard work?

A mouth guard is a removable, flexible device that can be inserted into the mouth and fitted over the teeth. It offers much-needed cushioning for the upper and lower teeth, preventing them from rubbing against each other during grinding. Teeth is made of enamel and constant contact between teeth can cause friction. This in turn can damage the outer layers of the teeth and expose the inner layer called dentin. A fitted dental guard can stop this from happening.

Bruxism can also cause tooth sensitivity, damage dental fillings and cause jaw and facial pain. It is also a known cause of frequent headaches. By using a mouth guard such as the Pro Teeth Guard, the potential damage to teeth is reduced significantly.

Types of Mouth Guards

There are basically three types of night guards that people who suffer from chronic teeth grinding can choose from. These are:

Over-the-counter guards

OTC night guards are pre-sized, ready-to-wear devices that can be purchased from most dental or medical supplies stores. They are very inexpensive and may be a good temporary solution but they are usually not recommended for long-term use. Generic night guards are often made using molds of different sizes in order to provide a standard or generic fit. They will, indeed, fit over the patient's mouth but since they do not exactly follow the unique shape and contours of the patient's jaw and teeth, they often feel bulky and uncomfortable and may even interfere with speech. OTC dental guards are an acceptable option for people who need a temporary solution and for those who want a cheap alternative. These are not, however, helpful for frequent use.


Boil-and-bite guards are made from a type of thermo-plastic material. It is preformed to different sizes but it can be molded somewhat for a closer fit. As the name implies, a boil-and-bite guard may be soaked in hot water, fitted onto the teeth and molded by pushing it against the inside and outside areas of the teeth. What comes out is a nearly perfect mold of the individual's teeth and jaw shape. While relatively affordable, they also tend to bulky, causing discomfort and problems with speech when worn. They are often recommended as cheap alternatives to custom-made guards, although they are best used as temporary solutions.

Custom-fitted guards

By far the best type of dental guard to use for protection is a custom night guard. It is made from a mold of the patient's teeth and therefore offers the closest fit possible. A custom night guard is generally preferred by both patients and dentists because it offers a superior fit that does not affect speech. As a result, the patient is more likely to use it and benefit from it due to its comfortable fit.

Can quality and affordability mix?

Most dentists will charge about $400 to as much as $1,500 for a pair of custom night guards. For people who are looking for quality yet affordable solutions, Pro Teeth Guard is a good choice. It offers the same type and quality of dental product that dentists use at just a fraction of the cost.


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