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Problem Solution Essay: Safety While at College(Baylor University)

Updated on May 1, 2012

Personal safety is something that is usually only at the back of one’s mind here at Baylor University. The campus seems to create the allusion of a bubble that cuts the campus off from the surrounding areas and communities that actually make up Waco, Texas. However, it is just that, an illusion. If one simply travels down a couple of streets, the poverty of the city of Waco is clearly visible. Being that Baylor is an open campus makes it all the more susceptible for anyone to just walk up to any one of the dorms or buildings as they please. Recently, Baylor University students have been alerted that the Baylor and Waco community has fallen victim to a series of armed robberies that have presently occurred in the vicinity of our University and current living areas. Through the use of mass emailing, all students have been able to get the information of what is happening. Nevertheless, it is knowing what to do in order to prevent yourself from being put in such a harmful situation, like knowing safety tips, and taking it seriously that is the problem.

Waco Police have provided information that indicates that four armed robberies have taken place on the Western edge of the campus since October fifteenth. Each incident involves a handgun of an unknown type and the most recent robbery that has taken place has involved actual physical assault. There have been noted differences concerning the attacker that have come to light that were noticed during the last assault such as build, stature, physical contact and time of attack. Because of this, police think they may have a copy cat on their hands. This theory comes to show that the boldness and fact that the first attacker has yet to be caught is encouraging others to try and get away with robberies as well. Although suspects have been described, none have been arrested and remain a danger to the community and University. Because these robberies are acts done by a male with weapons such as a gun, it has made this area and campus an extremely unsafe place for students. Not to mention that it is likely that the students here at the most may have a taser and at the least nothing at all to defend themselves. Instead of not paying attention and taking this situation seriously, students should focus on preventing such a situation.

Students should go about daily routines but because of recent criminal activity, they should definitely take extra caution. One fix to the problem of potentially being in a life threatening situation is for all within the Baylor community to be on high alert because of this threat. Those in the area need to make sure, now more than ever, to not walk or jog alone. Also, while partaking in exercising, they should not be distracted by cell phones and should not have headphones which could impair ones hearing. Students should also keep an eye out while pulling into parking lots and need to take a moment to survey the immediate area to ensure that no one is approaching them or lurking nearby. If students were to take these tips and put them to use, harmful and life threatening situations could be avoided all together or at least give them time to react instead of being caught off guard, making them all the more vulnerable. However, the majority of students won’t take this information and put it to use even thought their safety and well being is at stake.

Even though there have been tips and procedures set in place to help protect the Baylor students, the problem that arises will be to make sure that not only that the information reaches the students, but that they take it seriously. Along with the allusion of the bubble that cuts off the campus from the rest of the surrounding areas, there is an allusion of confidence that the crime occurring could not possibly happen to “me”. It is not only dangerous for girls but also for boys, anyone can easily become the victim of an assault. Students have been notified about the crime that has been happening, yet late at night girls can still be spotted walking across campus by themselves and men can been seen jogging with headphones in. One should not have the mindset that they are not in danger and that they are impervious to the menace that has been taking place. It is not worth the students’ safety when all they have to do is take the precautions that were given to them and put them into use. Students can be reached through mass email and putting these safety tips in them will give the students the opportunity to know how to prevent themselves from looking like an easy target. Putting crime rate statistics like the fact that just two months ago in September, Baylor University was accountable for almost twenty percent of the city of Waco’s crime should catch the attention of students and make it an actual problem that pertains to them. When they see that the campus is not off limits to crime, they will take it more seriously and understand that this is not something that people are only talking about, but is a real danger to everyone.

In addition, meetings should be set in place to aid getting the information to students on campus for those who will simply delete the emails before reading them. These meetings could be done by dorm buildings and by halls. They can easily be done because at the beginning of the year the residency halls had mandatory meetings for each resident to attend and they a success. These meetings could take place every two months and be about thirty to forty-five minutes long, that way they are not too frequent and time consuming. Therefore, by being spread out and speedy, students will not feel like the meetings take up too much time and won’t begin to think they could skip and not attend them. The meetings would consist of the latest information pertaining to crime and the areas most affected. Knowing the areas that have a higher crime rate will let people venturing to that part know that they may need to take higher caution and make sure not to go alone. These meetings will also be mandatory and be checked by swiping ones Baylor ID; a method that has proven to be effective for the use of checking attendance for chapel. While people may believe that funding in order to get speakers for such a meeting would be difficult, donations or volunteers are a very likely to step forward. Baylor University has a strong foundation of alumni and people that would most likely be willing to help when the lives of students are at stake. Also for those who could contest that the meetings would take up too much time simply have to ask themselves, what is more important, your wellbeing and possibly your life or the extra thirty minutes you would spend chatting with a friend that won’t be there to help you if you are getting robbed at gun point?

This problem clearly needs to be solved because it is endangering the lives, safety, and well being of students that attend Baylor University. Being a Baylor student entails a heavy course load and there is already enough stress with classes and academic requirements. The anxiety of there being active crime and risk nearby is having the side effect of causing nervous tension and developing a constant worry among the student body. This problem needs to be solved because attending such a nice University should be comforting and should serve as your home away from home since being a college student requires you to be away from what you know and what you are used to. Being in a brand new place can be hard enough without the worry of danger possibly being around every corner. With safety tips fully reaching attendees of Baylor through the informational emails and meetings, Students will be equipped with the knowledge of how to prevent themselves from getting in a perilous situation in the first place.


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    • Priscilla-Douglas profile image

      Priscilla-Douglas 5 years ago

      Thank you very much, I will fix that! I guess I was in a bit of a hurry as far as the title but good catch with illusion as well. No one even caught that during peer editing! :)

    • duffsmom profile image

      P. Thorpe Christiansen 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

      Interesting Hub. May I make a suggestion? You have some misspellings (title should be While) and misuse of words. Allusion should be illusion. :-)