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Product Reviews-Real Customer Experiences-Problems Buying From Amazon

Updated on March 25, 2011


Want to buy something?

Type the product you wish to purchase over the internet into your search engine to save yourself some money & more than likely Amazon you may find, will be your most cheapest online store shopping opportunity to cut the cost even more so & save your cash as they usually offer the best value for money for whatever product it is you want to buy & own.

But being an avid internet shopper myself, there is a problem I found sometimes when I bought a product from Amazon!

Here’s my story….

GREAT…….it was Saturday! I couldn’t wait to try this thing.

…..I will try all methods to quit smoking, give up the tobacco & cigarettes once & for all so my dear friend purchased me an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) which came with a battery & charger also a ten packet of spare nicotine filled refill cartridges so that I can puff away to my heart’s content.

GREAT…….it was Saturday! I couldn't wait to try this thing.

I charged up the battery, sat down, screwed the cartridge filter onto the end to complete the fake cigarette & boy, the nicotine hit the back of my throat & knocked me for six. I was hooked.

By the time Tuesday had come I had already smoked about three of the cartridges so I searched online for more refills.

In plenty of time! Or so I thought.

I needed my fix of nicotine.

Incidentally, these electronic cigarettes are absolutely amazing. These have actually kept me from the temptation of smoking normal cigarettes from the very first time I started using them.

I would highly recommend them!

Although, there are implications with ‘nicotine’ being introduced into the body, although, nicotine alone is more convenient to inhale than the whole cigarette itself, containing the multitude of toxins & poisons; nicotine has its fall backs too. But that will be another article!

But on another occasion, I purchased a marvelous book from Amazon. Daniel G. Amen M.D...The Brain in Love. About attraction & keeping your lover attracted & the emotional traumas & inclinations involved concerning brain function. There are many aspects to his researched writings & experiments & I was enthralled with the write up blurb & customer reviews so I actually bought myself a physical copy of the book, & have it posted to me at my home address, instead of a downloadable e-book version which I could’ve obtained instantly. And I didn’t need that rushed to my house straight away so I made no big deal at the time.

A highly recommended read for anyone interested. Here is the link……

Anyway, Back to My Story…….

On Tuesday I got onto my computer & searched online for more refill cartridges for my electronic cigarette & my addiction, & lo & behold, Amazon came up with the best prices I had seen so far.

Great… I ordered myself a packet & for a very good reason may I add. Estimated delivery, I noticed before hitting that tempting ‘buy now & part with my cash’ button, was 3-5 business working days…..

Now that surely leaves me plenty of time to finish my cartridges just in time for more of that nicotine hit on the back of my throat that my body so craves & desires…….but this is what I got instead.

An e-mail…….

‘Delivery estimate: 24 Mar 2011 - 28 Mar 2011
Dispatch estimate for these items:21 Mar 2011 - 22 Mar 2011’

Oh my god, what am I going to do?

Then on the Wednesday I received this e-mail….. Shipping Carrier: Royal Mail

Ship Date: Wednesday March 16, 2011-Shipping Speed: Standard!

I am in no way religious, but I must say, I have been saved!

Anyway, today is now Tuesday the 22 March and I must admit, I really am clamming for that intoxicating hit of nicotine once again. You guessed it, they still have not arrived.

I will update this post (IN MY COMMENTS BOX BELOW) as soon as I have my purchase delivered right through my letterbox, but I must say, the royal mail post office may be a little slow on this one so therefore, Amazon may not be to blame at all.

Then again, I am a little disappointed as I only purchased these items because of the stated average delivery time for me to expect my parcel.

This is what tempted me to purchase from them in the first place. (& of course, my addiction)

In summary……I really do recommend Amazon for their cut priced variety of products so do go ahead & make your purchase, but do please allow more time than expected for your package to arrive to you compared to what is stated on the sales page of some of these items for sale.

Also, I understand that Amazon is acting on the behalf of their sellers so maybe they are not to blame at all, & one can easily contact the seller for enquiries anyways as I am about to, but I just wanted to give you my honest customer review & my personal experiences with Amazon.

There will be many readers to this post so please leave a comment below & let us all know about your own experiences, both the good & the bad.

Regards Dale Ovenstone


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    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 6 years ago from Wales UK

      Here's an update of the above article.

      My package arrived safe & sound on Thursday 24 March.

      Would I buy from there again? You bet, I will just allow more time for certain purchases. Thanks for reading. Dale Ovenstone