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Products for Vitiligo

Updated on December 6, 2012

In the market today, there are a number of products for Vitiligo. These are products that one can use to treat Vitiligo condition. Among some of the most common products for this condition include protopic for Vitiligo.

Another natural option for vitiligo is Callumae. These products for Vitiligo have been manufactured with the best technologies and scientific principles to ensure that the Vitiligo patients have been provided with products that they can use and trust. It is therefore important to take time and learn some of the information that you will need to equip yourself with in order to manage any Vitiligo case

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a skin condition characterized by white patches on the surface of the skin. The condition makes the skin to develop small round whitish spots that grow bigger with time. The spots also merge with other growing spots to make ugly patches on the surface of the skin. In as much as this condition may not be physically painful, the condition is very painful emotionally and psychologically. This is because the condition is usually attached with social and emotional stigma. Patients of Vitiligo can suffer rejection or avoidance by family, friends or even colleagues. They may also be rejected in their social or professional circles. This is even worse when you are a public figure such as models, TV news anchors, musicians, or even an ambassador of a worthy cause. Here, you may even be sacked!

There is therefore a need for information on what Vitiligo is, what causes the condition and how it can be treated. In this way, information on the available products for Vitiligo is important and of great help. This will help in determining what is good and what you should avoid when you are treating Vitiligo condition.

It is a known fact that the condition can affect anyone. Vitiligo affects both genders, all ages and all races. It affects all people regardless of their social or professional statuses. It can strike any time, and cannot be immunized against. It is therefore good to be knowledgeable on what actions to take if you happen to develop the condition.

A basic understanding of this condition would be worthy of anyone’s efforts. This would help in getting to understand the condition and working on the healing process. You will also be able to decide which ways and methods to use to address the situation.

What Causes Vitiligo?

Vitiligo causes are explained using diverse theories, but all aiming at explaining just one thing. This one thing is the destruction and depletion of melanocytes which are responsible for the production of melanin. Melanin causes the skin to have its pigment. When this is not available, the skin loses its pigment and therefore develops white spots. These white spots enlarge with time to make visible and ugly patches on the skin of the body. The process of losing this skin color is called depigmentation. The effort aimed at countering this is called repigmentation. The round spots caused by Vitiligo are unique to the condition. They are usually round and have got rings from the center. These rings are caused by the stages of melanocytes destruction. Where the melanocytes are dead and fully depleted, then the section is white, this changes to tan outwards of the spot. What separates the health skin and the affected skin is usually brown in color.

So what causes the destruction of Melanocytes?

One of the most common theory postulates that melanocytes are destroyed by the body’s immune system in a process called autoimmune response. In this way, melanocytes are misconstrued as harmful bodies. This triggers an autoimmune response where the melanocytes are targeted by the white blood cells for elimination. The process is therefore natural though with a misjudged target. This kills melanocytes and therefore the production of melanin is stopped. Once they are dead, the body develops white spots on the surface of the skin and hence Vitiligo.

Another theory argues that melanocytes may die off due to defects in their make-up, deficiency of important vitamins and minerals as well as general malformations on the side of melanocytes. This causes them to die off before they mature and delay their replacement. When this goes on for a long time, then production of melanin is hampered, reduced or even stopped. Once this happens, the skin starts developing white round spots and therefore emergence of Vitiligo.

Other theories state that there are genetically communicated propensities to the Vitiligo condition. Due to the fact that genes are used to communicate or transmit hereditary traits in the population, then the same trait that causes Vitiligo can be passed from one generation to the next in a particular familial setting. This means that if you have someone in the family line that had the condition, then you are more likely to develop the same. The theory is supported by the above mentioned due to the fact that defective melanocytes trait can be inherited. You can also inherit susceptibilities to autoimmune response properties of your immune system.

Other less prominent theories of the relating to the same explanation center on the fact that melanocytes may be killed by exposure to chemicals, dietary deficiencies as well as damages to the nerves as a result of physical accidents. Whatever the reason, melanocytes are usually the targeted cells and once they die off, melanin production is hampered with.

Who is at Risk of Vitiligo?

It is important to note that there are no clearly certain causes of Vitiligo. Everybody is presented with a certain level of risk as the condition can affect anyone anywhere anytime. However, there are those individuals who may be considered at a greater level of risk of developing this condition. Some of these individuals are listed here;

· Those who regularly come into contact with chemicals that are associated with increased risk of causing Vitiligo. Such chemicals may include those that are contained in hair treatment substances, those used in photography labs as well as other chemicals that we use on our daily activities on the farm or home.

· Those people who have a family history of Vitiligo. These individuals are more likely to develop the condition as it has been believed that the condition has a genetic inclination. According to statistics, 12% of those families with someone with Vitiligo also have another one with the same.

· Those individuals who have other autoimmune disorders are also more likely to develop Vitiligo. This is so because the condition is also believed to have its causes based on the autoimmune responses of the white blood cells. It has been documented that those with other autoimmune disorders such as thyroid dysfunction also develop Vitiligo. This is a clear indication that those with other autoimmune disorders are prone to developing Vitiligo.

Are there effective Vitiligo Treatments?

There are several Vitiligo treatments that a patient can use. These treatment options are dependent on the particular causes of the Vitiligo case in question. The most effective treatments involve repigmentation efforts. However, there are also those treatments that are used to hide the spots on the skin. These methods include the use of body creams and lotions which only serve to camouflage the spot marks. Protopic for Vitiligo is the most effective and the most reliable treatment option available to the majority of Vitiligo patients.

What is Protopic for Vitiligo?

Among the most effective topical solution to Vitiligo is the use of protopic. It belongs to the group of immunomodulators which are responsible to modulate the immune system against attacking melanocytes. Protopic for Vitiligo involves the formulation of a drug called Tacrolimus. It also has other inactive ingredients such as propylene carbonate, paraffin, mineral oils, as well as white wax and petrolatum.

Tacrolimus is a drug that has been applied in the successful organ transplant in surgical operations. This is because the drug suppresses the immune system in such a way that the organ transplanted will not be rejected by the body. This has been done in kidney, liver, heart, lungs, eye cornea, and skin transplants. The drug improves the success rates of these transplants.

This ointment has been seen as more effective in treating Vitiligo than steroids and other creams. In fact it is slowly and effectively replacing the use of steroids as it has better properties and advantages over them.

Protopic is available in two strengths. For those patients who are 16 years and above, they are supposed to use 0.1% strength in their Vitiligo treatments. Those children who are two years and above, but are below 16 years, should use the other available strength of 0.03%. However, it should be noted that the treatment method should not be used to treat children who are below two years.

There are also other categories of individuals who are not supposed to use protopic for Vitiligo. These categories of individuals include such people as;

· Those people who have a frail immune system due to one reason or another should not use protopic. This is because the drug is immunosuppressant and therefore cannot be used by those who have weak immune system.

· Those individuals who have used the treatment for more than six weeks should discontinue and seek other treatment methods.

· Those people with other skin infections should not use protopic for Vitiligo. They should seek other treatment method for Vitiligo.

· Other individuals who should not use protopic for Vitiligo are those women who are expectant as well as those who are breastfeeding.

One advantage of using protopic for Vitiligo is that it does not cause thinning of the skin unlike steroid creams. Other people have argued that it has some propensities towards skin cancer but professionals in this field have had reservations on this assertion. It has also been noted that reports on this method of treatment resulting in skin cancer have been very rare. However, it is recommended that protopic should not be used over long period of time. If this must be done, then there should be break intervals and still be applied over short period.

Does Protopic for Vitiligo have Side Effects?

Yes, protopic for Vitiligo have both common and rare side effects associated with its application. These side effects are as follows;

· When you apply this treatment, you will realize that the part of the skin being applied to will experience stinging, itchy and burning sensation. However, this will subside once you have used the treatment for some time. The sensation is also not severe and is not cause for any alarm.

· Among the rare side effects of protopic for Vitiligo are increased sensitivity to heat and cold, headaches, pain in the muscles, infections of the skin and hair follicles as well as other flu-like symptoms.

Due to the fact that this treatment is usually used to treat Vitiligo spots on the face, special attention to the eyes should be taken in order to protect the eyes. You should also wash your hands well with soap before and after application. Once you have applied thin layers of this treatment on your face, make sure to avoid any radiations. You should therefore avoid sunlight as and other sources of radiations as long as you are using protopic for Vitiligo.

How effective is Protopic for Vitiligo?

Like all other available treatment methods for Vitiligo, this method is not effective to all the individual cases of Vitiligo. It has been already noted that the treatment methods are dependent on the particular causes of the individual Vitiligo case. It has also been shown that there is more than one theory explaining the causes of Vitiligo. The use of Tacrolimus in this treatment of Vitiligo is based on the fact that it has immunomodulatory properties and also works as immunosuppressant.

This means that it will only be effective if the particular Vitiligo case is caused by autoimmune response of the blood cells. It is therefore recommended that if you use this method, and after six weeks there is still no improvement noted, then you should discontinue. This would be a clear indication that your Vitiligo is not associated with autoimmune response. Here you are recommended to seek other alternative treatment methods.

Protopic for Vitiligo is therefore more effective and more successful in the treatment of Vitiligo than the use of steroid creams. This has been made clear by the advantages that the protopic method has over the use of creams.

Vitiligo Remedy-Callumae

It should be noted that no one treatment method has been proved definite in the curative measures taken on Vitiligo. As has been documented through constant research in this field, Vitiligo does not subject itself into one particular cause or reason for its emergence. It has been shown that multiple factors are in play in every single Vitiligo case. This makes it necessary for Vitiligo patients to use mixed treatment methods before curative signs could be visible.

In relation to this, research has been done that has led to the invention and manufacturing of a perfect Vitiligo remedy-Callumae. This product is a perfect remedy for Vitiligo patients to use in their treatment initiatives. In this way, the product is designed to be used together with other Vitiligo treatment methods, and especially the light therapies.

Light therapies for Vitiligo involve the use of UVA and UVB radiations. It should be noted here that the use of UVB has overtaken that of UVA. In this way, recent curative procedures of Vitiligo are more concerned with the use of UVB and especially the narrow band of the UVB light. In the application of UVA, unlike in UVB, Psoralen drug is used to treat the Vitiligo spots after being stimulated by the radiations.

However, it should be noted that this Callumae formula, whether used alone in the treatment of Vitiligo, or in conjunction with other Vitiligo treatments, the product has the properties of preventing the spread of Vitiligo spots as well as promoting repigmentation.

Light Therapies and Callumae in Vitiligo Treatments

Consistent studies have clearly shown that the best results in the treatment of Vitiligo through light therapies are realized when applied together with this perfect Vitiligo remedy-Callumae. There are several reasons behind this phenomenon as supported by frequent research and clinical experience. These reasons include;

· Nutritional and clinical studies have clearly shown that Vitiligo patients experience dire deficiency of important vitamins. These vitamins include vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and folic acid. These are very important vitamins in the body and more so in the production of melanin. These vitamins are also important in body metabolic and nervous system functions. Callumae has been packed in the right amounts of these vitamins in addition to making sure that the formula used caters also for other nutrients and substances that are beneficial to immune system functions as well as the good health of the patient skin.

· To cater for the immune dysfunction of the Vitiligo patients, Callumae contains another very important ingredient. This active ingredient is called Picrohiza. This is especially important for those Vitiligo patients who developed the condition as a result of having an autoimmune response against melanocytes.

· Gingko Biloba and lipoic acid are very important antioxidants found in the unique Callumae formula. These two antioxidants work against oxidative stress that is brought about as a result of free radicals produced in the body. This oxidative stress is a common cause of Vitiligo. Callumae therefore makes sure that it has addressed quite a number of elements that would work to worsen or cause emergence or relapse of Vitiligo condition.

· Khellin extract is also found in the Callumae formula. This extract has properties similar to those of some Psoralen drugs. The extract ensures that the repigmentation efforts are boosted by stimulating the production of melanin. This is done by the extract’s property that ensures that the remaining melanocytes are made more receptive and responsive to sunlight.

· Callumae is guaranteed to be used by all people suffering from Vitiligo. This is despite their age, gender, or any other aspect. The formula is also fit to be used alongside any Vitiligo treatment method. There are no issues when Callumae is used at whatever level of the Vitiligo case in question. However widespread, whatever the part of the body affected and whoever method of treatment that you have used, or you are using; this perfect Vitiligo remedy-Callumae is safe and effective.


There are therefore varied reasons and causes of Vitiligo. These causes determine what methods of treatment that a patient is bound to use for curing the condition. There are also several products for Vitiligo treatment. It is also important to note that social, emotional and psychological support to the patient of Vitiligo should be extended in the healing process. This is because the condition may bring about emotional and psychological stress to the patient. Family, friends and close associates of the patient should be able to guard the patient from all the traumatic experiences as a result of Vitiligo.

One of the most important curative methods that can be applied to treat this skin condition is protopic for Vitiligo. This involves the use of Tacrolimus drug in the formulation of an effective method of treating Vitiligo. This method is more effective than the use of other creams such as steroids. Unlike Tacrolimus, steroids have got severe side effects and risks in their use. They present risks of skin cancer and other related skin diseases. However, protopic for Vitiligo also has side effects and should be used carefully and in short periods.

A very important formula has come to be used and ruled the market as a supplement for and in the use of other treatment methods and as a perfect Vitiligo remedy-Callumae. This product has been formulated in such a way that it contains the necessary vitamins and other minerals that aid in the repigmentation of the skin after a Vitiligo case. It has active elements that are directly concerned with modulating the immune system such that autoimmune responses will not be carried out on the melanocytes.


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