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Products health and wellness safe

Updated on April 17, 2016

Natural products

We all now our forefathers didn't have the cleaning products with chemicals that are harmful to our family. Let's all go back to natural products for cleaning and using for our own general health. These products come from The Wellness Company. They don't run ads they show off their products and get people to use them then they get other people use in a dominos effect. We get together a couple times a month to teach and show perspective new people about The Wellness Company. There are also oils available now that all natural and good remedies for a lot of illnesses out there. Getting the right group of natural vitamins can be beneficial to your health. My wife was the one to find out about this company and was going to a meeting so some how she got me to go. I started listening to what they had to say about the products and it got to be very interesting but I had a question did they have an HE washer laundry detergent. They did have the kind of detergnet we needed and the other products seemed good and wanted to save money. My wife and I are now Product Associates II . Lets see they also have coffee and weight , exercise and fitness control products available. By starting out as a Preferred Customer you receive a 30%-50% discount on quality products. You don't have to go to the store and haul the products with chemicals in them when you order online. The products get shipped to your home address directly. I just going to the grocery store and buying just food. You notice the difference when you go around the cleaning products row in the grocery store .The Company has been a det-free company for over thirty years. I still can't believe we just learned about it now. To compare it to other companies they would be like Costco or Sams only not so much the food and all natural products.


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