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"7 Strong Strategies Designed For Protection Against Perfectionism"

Updated on December 17, 2013

Don't Allow Perfectionism Break Your Joy For Life Into Pieces.


I have been a perfectionist for over 5 decades, and I've learned the word, 'lighthearted', merits no room within the perfectionism embodiment.

The apparent nonsensical 'perfiction' spelling may seem a bit care free. However, powerful perfectionism treatment is available as one applies the replacement word, 'perfiction' for perfection.


When affected individuals grasp the impact this easy, 3 word phrase delivers, then humanly-unattainable goals, disappointing and perfectionistic ideals, and perfectionism disorders cease to exist.

In more straightforward English, sanity becomes the personality norm and troubled mindsets navigate peaceful breezes of collective, mental health.

The Perfect PerFICTION Lunacy Day to Day Living Poll

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The Ultimate Perfectionist

Since I own some attributes described in the "Perfect Poll", listing my perfectionist personality traits comes very easily.

  • I am fiercely competitive. Losing to anyone or any team—be it sports or business, renders, to some degree, a state of mental depression.
  • I place impossible-to-reach standards on myself. In turn, I place the same unreachable, perfectionistic standards on others.
  • Though I bluff a personality brimming over with self-confidence, self-doubt and a low self-esteem have been close, very unfriendly companions throughout my life. To counter this self-deprecation I prove my worth by working 16 hour days for weeks at a time chasing the ghostly wisp of perfection.
  • If patience is a virtue, call me virtue-less. I have NO patience with anything I am not interested in, or enjoy. Assembling kids' Christmas toys is the perfect example. I will HIRE another person to perform these tasks rather than tackling it myself.
  • As a music composer/professional pianist, I regularly speak and/or play piano music for groups of people. I microscopically ruminate on these performances and mentally search for that one mistake that's always quite easily found. Never mind my overall presentation was near perfect; I choose to dwell on the one error that NO person in that particular group of people even remotely noticed.
  • I am a compulsive copywriter. I change my articles constantly—seeking that perfect word fitting the right spot.
  • I own a trigger temper. This flaw ties in with the 'no patience factor'. I fly off the handle with surprising ease when others do not meet my lofty expectations, or say something I receive the wrong way.

The Flip Side Of My Perfectionism

Perfectionistic people attain dizzying heights in the arts, the business world, politics, academics, sports—ALL areas of life, and I am no different.

  • I have composed, recorded, mixed and mastered original music for 7 CD projects and I have pre- and post-scored music for over 350 video and film productions. I was elected for and received 3 Addy awards and 2 Telly awards for outstanding music for video and film.
  • I am generous to a fault. I always root for the underdog, and help those who are truly in need of anything.
  • To a person who 'clicks' with my personality, I can be a true and loyal best friend. I can honestly say I have several close and good friends in spite of my quirky personality. I consider this to be my highest achievement because love can not be earned through relentlessly hard and extreme work. Love simply unfolds.
  • I returned to college at the age of 42. I worked a 3/4 time job and carried a full class load. I graduated with honors earning a second B.A. in a totally different area of study. My grades reflected all 'A's' and 1 'B', and I was heavily recruited for many inviting career opportunities.

Striving For The Impossible Occasionally Renders Positive Possibilities

The headline is not a statement of riddle.

At some stage in their life spans, perfectionistic individuals DEFINITELY WILL produce some or many breathtaking works of art, or major accomplishments throughout their various careers.

Perfectionists are responsible for creating the finest works in:

  • Music
  • Literature
  • Sculpting
  • Movies
  • Medicine
  • Science

These individuals are also creating, or have created, masterpieces throughout their varied careers:

  • Steve Jobs
  • Donald Trump
  • Ross Perot
  • David Ogilvy
  • Tiger Woods

Most Perfectionists:

  1. Are trigger-tempered
  2. MUST win in every game or true life situation
  3. Become easily addicted to mood-altering activities; i.e. alcohol, opiates, exercise, career, sex . . . fill in your drug(s) of choice
  4. Possess low self-worth
  5. Project his/her perfectionistic standards on others
  6. Rank an absolute zero on the patience owning scale
  7. Propagate mind-numbing energy levels for any and all self-important tasks—to the point of severe physical and mental detriments
  8. Cannot sit still simply doing nothing—watching television, for example

How I Learned To Cope With Perfectionism Before It Ruined My Life

Admit to a close, non-perfectionist and life-wise friend in whom you trust that you are dealing with serious mental issues. Recently, I did just that.

She was brutally honest with her assessment of my personality and ticked off reasons other people see me as aloof, cocky, and extremely arrogant. Others see me as one who would rather be some place other than with them.

Even though I'm impatient, I do enjoy talking with others I know and respect. Some people do not fully grasp and/or care to delve into reasons why I am constantly looking at my wrist watch; their minds are convinced I'm a perfect model taken from the negative attributes above-mentioned .

I am a perfectionist. That does not mean I am an ill-tempered, harsh individual who never smiles, cries, loves, and truly cares for others. My perfectionism doesn't reveal a bad or hateful person either.

A statement my friend made stayed with me long after our 2 hour long conversation.

Her prudent remark: "Everyone lives their lives in the best way they are able."

WOW! What a profound statement for a perfectionist to see. I now make a conscious effort to view all people in the light of that statement, and it serves as my beacon of shining illumination within daily perfectionism warfare.

Various time tested perfectionists, comparable to myself, need professional help. The judgment linked with an individual connecting with a mental wellness treatment specialist is indeed sad.

I have seen many counselors and psychiatrists in many attempts to stay voices of perfection constantly bulldozing a time-worn pathway. A pathway enabling entry to my personal mind's treasure trove of a vulnerable lock box.

Hope does exist!

A Healthy Lifestyle For The Perfectionist

Professional Help
Aerobics/Strength Training
Talking With Wise Close Friend
Self-help Books
We perfectionists generally lack balance in our lives because we think ALL of our time must be devoted to the project at hand. Try some or all of these suggestions . . . they DO help tame the beast.

Strong Strategies Designed To Overcome Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a double-edged sword. YOU, and you alone, make decisions to make it work for you or against.

Today, begin to:

  1. Lighten up. You and I are like one sand grain living out a very short life among countless billions of others. I often heard my late grandfather say, "100 years from now, who will know the difference."
  2. Use a power you were given at birth—that power is the gift of free will. You can decide to take action for changing the negative aspects of perfectionism.
  3. Admit to yourself that the attainment of perfection is impossible. Then, seek help. Perfectionism is a serious, sometimes deadly, mental disorder.
  4. Seek balance in your life. Break away from that "important" project to seek out activities, things, and people that bring joy to your life.
  5. STOP mentally beating yourself down. Concentrate only on your good and eliminate the focus on errors, mistakes and losses.
  6. Begin to love yourself. Whoa! Did that suggestion get a strong, negative reaction? Although this idea may seem impossible, it is THE KEY unlocking, then opening a door that reveals the road to deliverance. If you can love yourself, you can then love others. You will discover creative ways to deal with, and eventually conquer the invisible enemy labeled perfectionism.
  7. PerFECTION is perFICTION—3 easy to remember words that pack amazing healing power. Reflect on this phrase and repeat it often. Grasp the dazzle shining within the deeper meanings and apply them to a new and improved person.



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    • copywriter31 profile imageAUTHOR

      James Ranka 

      4 years ago from Port Neches

      Hey Freefrog, thanks for your input. Many people like you and me live out our lives, striving for perfection in EVERYTHING we undertake. The extent to which we go to earn perfection dictates the need for or against seeking help. Throughout my life, I have consulted with various counseling professionals, and their advice has truly helped control my temper. Now, when I know my decisions to perform in most venues that call for judgements from others or myself concerning my performance, I ask this simple, yet effective question: "Did I give my absolute best, and did I pour my entire being into my performance?" If I answer those questions affirmatively, I LET GO! Letting go is the key to living a life in our searches for a thirst quench of "Perficition Juice." All the best to you my fellow perfectionist friend.

    • freefogging profile image


      4 years ago from Florida

      Wow. You just described me. I never knew it was even a mental disorder until now. So, I should get help for this? I thought that was just "how I am". I know I drive some people crazy with my perfectionism, but I really didn't know it was a real problem. Thanks for the information.

    • copywriter31 profile imageAUTHOR

      James Ranka 

      5 years ago from Port Neches

      pstraubie48 , I believe more of we perfectionists are living out our lives in a self-made jail of sorts, than most who own the same affliction will admit. I believe those of us who have the kahunas to admit we have an issue with our personalities are the people who seek help, and sounds to me as though you are working successfully through your problem. Good for you, and God bless. Thanks for your honest feedback!

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 

      5 years ago from sunny Florida

      This has been a problem for me all of my life. Sometimes others would thin I was annoyed with them about something when in fact it was me that I was annoyed with. It is so frustrating to have this constant need to be the best at each thing we do.

      It kills me to make a mistake. Correction. It used to kill me I am much better than I used to be as so much has happened in my lifetime to take my focus off the need to be perfect at everything. Thanks for sharing. Angels are on the way ps


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