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Prop Up Your Life

Updated on July 6, 2013

The Movie Prop

Ever since I saw a special on the Godfather movies I've been intrigued as to how adding a simple object could transform a character.

Marlon Brando was floundering in the first scene, until the director grabbed a cat that had been wandering around the studio and dropped it onto Marlon's lap. Marlon became this deep brooding character that had the propensity to show kindness to an insignificant creature but commanded the means to end a human life. What a way to set a scene?

Speech Props

The 'props' I'm talking about are more related to everyday type situations.

The mirror: some of you will already be familiar with looking into a mirror and smiling before you answer the phone to transfer that smile into your voice. And most of us have practiced a speech or talking in a particular way in front of a mirror.

More tangible objects are useful too when giving speeches, you might bring in an item to use during your speech to help focus the audience's and your own attention. Also you might need a 'prop' to demonstrate a purpose. Using video clips during a speech can help give a different perspective and keep your audience alert, as will powerpoint, pictures and graphs.

Physical Tension Relievers

Stress balls are another common 'prop' people use, although this is more for physical tension relief, probably giving a similar feeling, albeit on a smaller scale, to punching a punching bag.

People with autism or on the spectrum will sometimes use 'fidget toys' small concealable items that provide stimulatory feedback by being squashed, squeezed or rolled between fingers. The feeling provides the type of sensory stimulation that can help focus a racing mind.

Conversation Starters

Recently my 8yr old took his Pokemon cards to school which seems to have become a defining moment for his social growth. He will talk at length with any child no matter what he/she looks like or how they behave about Pokemon and other children are following his lead.

There is also a child with aspergers in his class who has Minecraft on his Ipad and this has been a terrific conversation topic for him.

Guaranteed conversation starters for your spouse/partner is perhaps using a 'prop' such as 'jewellery' the bigger and sparklier the piece the more lively the conversation.

The Sales Prop

Depending on what you're selling, if you place the item 'prop' in the customers hand you can invoke the feeling of ownership which will help make the sale more tangible.

It also helps how you handle the item. Present the item like a trophy, or something precious to give it value, before placing it in the customers hand.


Substitute Prop

Wouldn't it be great if you could use a 'prop' instead of emotional eating. Instead of putting comfort food in your mouth recognise what you are doing and go play some good music to raise your spirits or go watch funny pet clips on Youtube, or better still introduce a pet into your life if you don't already have one.

The Secret Prop

In the book, The Secret, they discuss the process of Visualization to help draw to you that which you desire. The law of attraction.

In short the Visualization Technique (which is a small but integral part of the Secret) employs the theory that if you can see it in your head, you can hold it in your hand.

Where props come in. Some of us, no matter how bad we want something, can't for the life of us imagine ourselves with it, to the extent where it feels real.

If you use a 'prop' for example print out a picture and put it on the fridge, or go to a car yard and sit in 'that' car or better still, test drive it. Or look at a plane in the sky and imagine how it would feel to be on that plane coming back from an awesome holiday. Using these 'props' to help manifest those emotions of how it feels to actually have or experience that thing you seek will theoretically help you get on that frequency of possessing it.

There are many other ways and means of using 'props' to help give you confidence, if you know of anything specific please feel free to add it to the comments section below.


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