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Proper barbell benchpress form

Updated on April 29, 2016

By: Lord Swoledemort

1. Lay on your back on the bench, with your back slightly arched and chest perked out as far as possible to isolate chest.

2. Stabilize your body by planting your feet under the lower end of your torso firmly.

3. Contract your diaphragm so that you can feel the extra support supplied by tightening up your core.

4. Place hands firmly on bar, roughly shoulder-width apart or slightly more or less depending on where you wish to feel the movements. Usually, a generic position is for your pinky finger covering the ring on the bar.

5. Maintain a tight and straight wrist position

6. Raise the bar off the rack to a straight arm position to commence the exercise.

7. Inhale deeply and hold it in your diaphragm

8. Lower the bar slowly to your lower peck where your nipple line is.

9. Keep your chest exaggerated during the whole performance.

10. Remember that a properly executed bench press involves the whole body. Building power starting from your feet, and let it rise to your chest.

11. Imagine that there is a big spring on your chest. As you lower the bar, imagine the spring gaining tension as it retracts into itself while you lower the bar.

12. Explode upwards with the bar, as if the spring forces a release of the tension towards the ceiling. Be sure to breathe outwards while performing the push motion of this exercise.

13. Contract your pecs as you force the weight up, resulting in serious amount of blood rushing to the muscle.

14. Repeat as many reps as you must to meet your goal for the set.

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