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Pro's and Con's of Workout Supplements

Updated on June 24, 2011

Workout Supplements.

This will be a real brief article giving highlight on workout supplements that are available. I won’t mention brands(I'll try not too). These are just my opinion from my own experience and research that I have done. Enjoy.

Creatine: What is it?Creatine is a nitrogen containing substance produced naturally in your body and found in all red meats, poultry and fish. Creatine is a natural building block for amino acids, which are in turn building blocks for protein.
*Gives you more energy during workouts
*Helps your body rebuild muscle after a workout time which speeds the recovery time.
*Creatine helps draw more liquid into the muscle which can give your body a 3% to 10% increased muscle mass.
*Creatine helps draw more testosterone, into the cells which increase muscle mass.
*Enables your muscles to be able to “take” more strenuous activities.
*Some people while taking creatine develop diarrhea
*While taking creatine, some people develop mood swings, usually aggressive in nature.
*Some studies have shown how continued use of creatine may cause Kidney damage.

Protein: The primary function of Protein is to build and repair body systems. The average adult or teenager needs 5 to 7 ounces of Protein per day.
*Since protein in one of the primary builder in your body, a protein supplement is great if you don’t get enough protein in your diet.
*Protein Powder is very easy to prepare, just mix recommended dose with milk (suggested nonfat milk) or water.
*Too much Protein can cause reduced kidney function.
*Protein is one of the supplements most easily to abuse. While athletics do need slightly higher amounts of protein the average American actually eats twice the amount of protein required. The extra unused protein is turned into fat.
*Protein is not a magical supplement that will make your body into the HULK. You need to workout otherwise the protein powder is more harmful then good.

FAT-BURNERS*Products that increase the body’s metabolism to help burn fat; In this case Hydroxycut. Please note these types of products need an active lifestyle to work. Exercise and To change the shading of shaded paragraphs, choose eating a well balanced meals are recommended.
*Increased amounts of fat lost, and a decrease in weight.
*Increase speed of weight lost.
*Increased stamina and energy.
*Some notice a decrease in appetite.
*Blurred vision, nose bleeds, dizziness, headaches, acne outbreaks
*Restlessness and hyperactivity
*Increased heart rate and increased blood pressure.
*In men, hydroxycut can cause impotence.


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    • profile image

      Jacob 5 years ago

      Could you do maybe an edit or a whole article intailing the pros and cons of using argene L aswell as No3 as pre-workout supplements i understand they could fall under the "fat-burners" category but, it would be benificial to me if you could do that.