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Pros and Cons of the Health Wage App for Wellness

Updated on June 16, 2017

Scholarly Discussion: Search the internet for information about scientific advances in supporting wellness. You might find a wellness app or wearable device, a wellness-related website, a scholarly article that describes a scientific advancement that could become a future health device in the future, or some other kind of interactive resource. Share a link, describe your resource so that we all have enough information to understand what it is and how it could be used, and give an informal review: strengths, weaknesses, and possible ways it could support wellness. Keep in mind the eight dimensions of wellness and relate your resource to each dimension, if possible. Have you used a wellness app or wearable device or a wellness-related website? What was it like, and was it useful?

The first wellness supporting technology that comes to mind for me when I consider scientific advances in supporting wellness is smart phone health and wellness apps. When I began searching for smart phone health and wellness apps to focus on the one that immediately caught my intention was the Healthy Wage app. The Health Wage app is an app designed to offer monetary rewards to users who succeed in their wellness goals while putting a monetary loss on those who fail; the app specifically is meant to help a person improve their physical wellness. There are three different ways for people to use the app, a person can create their own account and make a wager, create a team of five members, or join through a workplace program. The people who decide to create a team or join through a work team can also increase their social, emotional, and occupational wellness while at the same time having a helpful support system. To begin a person must fill out their profile, create a video showing their weight, decide their goal, the time it will take, and the wager. At the end of the time period the person must make a new video to show their weight and if they succeeded they receive a cash reward that is based on their initial wager and whether they joined a challenge or not. The app directly influences the user’s financial wellness as the person who meets their goal will get rewarded with money while a person who fails will lose money.

Due to the fact that this wellness app can result in a loss of financial wealth it is important that a person carefully considers their financial state before choosing this app due to the downside of having to risk financial loss. However, on the flip side, a person who is motivated by financial gain might find this app a help to them in meeting their weight loss goal as their success would not only help them to achieve a higher state of wellness, but also to earn some extra money. I personally have not used the Health Wage app as I am currently at a healthy weight for myself so I do not currently see the need in using a weight loss app for myself. However I could see myself utilizing the app in the future if I needed to lose weight and was in a secure financial situation where I would not be hurt financially by the loss of my wager.


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