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Prostate Cancer Mens

Updated on May 5, 2011
Pravin Vaghani
Pravin Vaghani | Source
Swami Ramdev
Swami Ramdev | Source
Swami S N Goenka
Swami S N Goenka | Source
Maharishi Rajnish
Maharishi Rajnish | Source
Deepak Chopra
Deepak Chopra | Source

Meditation and Pranayam for Cancer


Cancer of Prostate

Cancer is a very dangerous disease. Once contracted it refuses to leave the body. An early premature death is a certainty.  Medical science in different countries has developed many varieties of treatment. Some may help to prolong the life a little longer. But eventual death is almost certain. There has been many exceptions when the cancer is almost cured and the person is able to live a normal life. But such cases are very rare.

Life Threatening News

Therefore when John (name changed) was informed by his doctor that he has a prostate cancer he was broken down. He has just passed his 45th birthday. His two young children were still at high school. Although his wife was a qualified teacher, John had such a good income that she had decided to stay at home and raise their children with love and care, So he did not have much saving.

Expensive Treatment

He knew that the treatment of cancer can drain away all of his meager saving and longer he lived poorer he will become. The thought of having to leave his dear wife and children in a hopeless financial situation was unbearable. He was so much busy in his work that he had hardly any chance to look around and know what alternative methods of treatment were developing in the world. Now he had to find time and find out all the alternative methods of treatment. His doctor will of course tell him what the medical science can do for him. He had to find out himself what other methods outside that field were available.

Alternative Treatments

He studied in depth the solutions being propagated by Deepak Chopra – Meditation, Ramdev Swami – Pranayam and Yoga, Shree Goenka – Vipassana(a form of meditation), Jose Silva for Positive Thinking and Maharishi Rajnish – Transcendental Meditation. He noted that there is truth in what these people are saying. Besides, he had nothing to lose in practicing what they were preaching as it was not going to cost him anything to meditate and do Pranayam and yoga at home. He attended their seminars whenever he got the opportunity and learnt correct techniques. He studied all the available literature about their methods (mostly available on the internet) and prepared himself to cure cancer.

Follow The Gurus

He reserved one hour in the early morning and one hour in the night before going to bed to practice Meditation, Pranayam and Yoga. He would close the room to avoid any disturbance and concentrate very hard on the Meditation. Slowly his mind started getting empty of all worries and fill up with pleasant thoughts of happiness and prosperity. His performance in his job was improving and his colleagues found getting more attractive and friendly. The pain in his body was also slowly reducing.

Making Progress

After six months he went to doctor for check up. His doctor was surprised with the results of the tests. He was expecting the tumor in the prostate to be bigger and cancer spreading other parts of the body. Instead the tumor had become smaller and some of the cancer cells had died and were inactive.

Cured successfully

Slowly the tumor and the cancer had disappeared from his body and he was his healthy and active self again. At this stage like one would discontinue taking medicine as it was no longer necessary. But he continued his medicine, which was meditation and yoga and continued to make progress in life. He found that it was a good tonic for a healthy life.

Prostate Cancer and Meditation


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