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Prostate Health Awareness for Black men

Updated on September 10, 2013

Prostate Health Awareness for Black men

My husband and I on our wedding day,he survived prostate cancer, he's alive,well and able to talk about.
My husband and I on our wedding day,he survived prostate cancer, he's alive,well and able to talk about.

"Prostate Health Awareness for Black men"

I'm writing this article because I see the need to inform our black men on prostate health


Prostate cancer kills 30,000 men every year, and it's also the leading killer in African

American man each year.

Prostate cancer appear to dominate in the African american man and I'm sure it's because our

black men don't watch their diets, take prostate supplement and get yearly prostate checkups.

Black men haven't been taught about prostate health awareness or prevention and this is why

so many die of this debilitating disease.

All men of any race should get tested and screenings for detection of this cancer each year.

Being tested and screened from ages 30 years old and above will help keep a handle on

detection of this deadly cancer.

It seems that diet and weight plus gentics has a lot to do with whether or not you get this


My husband had prostate cancer, but thanks to God he's free and clear of it today.

You have to have a nutritional diet of fruits and vegetables, plus saw

palmetto, Lycopene, Pumpkin seed supplements they seem to help him keep his prostate healthy.

"Here are some symptons to look out for:"

1.A waisteline that's bulging at the seams with heavy body fat. The waisteline is more

dangerous to this form of cancer.

2.Genetics also plays a big part in it, especially if you have a father that has contracted it or

not, will have a great impact on whether you get it or not.

3.Enlarged Prostate - scrotum enlargement.

4.Constanly running to the bathroom.

"Here are things you can do to help prevent prostate cancer:"

1.Change your eating habits to a healthier nutritional diet and stop eating so much animal

fats, such as red meat, pork bacon,pork sausage.

2.Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken,turkey,and wheat,whole grains, and soy


3.Here are some vegetables and herbs to help prevent prostate cancer, Brocolli, cabbage,

cauliflower, tomatoes, nuts, kale, fresh garlic, onions, spinach, lots of green tea, ginger,

pumpkin seeds.

4. Some over the counter supplements that has helped my husband like: Saw

Lycopene,Zinc, selenium

5.Try to exercise aleast 2 to 3 times a week for 45 minutes to one hour, my husband get his

exercise in and so do I.

6.Make a doctor appointment once a year to get prostate testing and screening done, if you

want to be safe.

I'm not an expert on the prostate cancer, I just know what has help my husband stay alive and well.

These are antedote and few instuction that might help you stay alive and beat prostate

cancer, if you're willing to put you health first.

If you follow my advice and do what you suppose to, you want have to worry about prostate

cancer sneaking up on you.

Benny Faye Douglass


Prostate Health Awareness for Black men


"Prostate Health Awareness for Black men"



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