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Protect Our Eyes from Infection

Updated on May 24, 2012

By taking care we can save our eyes from common problems

The current time is for globalization, where we are not having much time to think about any matters, even for very small and very important things we are not thinking. To survive in this fast running world, we have to run with the speed of the world and we have to achieve our targets. Today we are so much busy that we often forget to take care for our body also. By using only our fit body we are competing with others. If any part of our body becomes ineffective, we becomes far behind with others. The one most important part of our body are Eyes. You can very well understand the importance of the eyes in our life, without which you cannot imagine your life also.

So, we must take care of our eyes to always see the colorful world. We know that the today's lifestyle does not permit us to spare much time for us but if you are fit there, then only you can do everything right, else this world is not for you. You can prevent your eyes for whole the life from being infected by using some very little precautions.

We know that in today's condition, the pollution is all around the atmosphere. So our eyes are badly affected from the pollution. The second thing is that in today's environment of global warming, the sharpness of the ultraviolet rays has increased and so it is much affects our eyes than some years ago. These two things i.e. pollution and ultraviolet rays have badly impact our eyes.

To reduce or avoid the effect of these two factors, we must use the goggle when we are going out of our home, in the sunlight to save our eyes from sunlight as well as from pollution. It has no matter that the season is of summer or of winter. The goggles are not only made for the summer but these are used to save our eyes from sunlight in any season and to prevent your eyes from pollution also.

But when we purchase the goggle we have to keep in mind for a better one which can fulfill our requirements as well as the quality wise also. Some basic things which we have to take care while we are purchasing the eyeglasses are as following-

1. The glasses of the goggles should fully cover our eyes.

2. It should have capability to prevent the ultraviolet rays.

3. Glass much be so transparent that we can see outside clearly

We may know that the ultraviolet rays have very bad effect on our eyes. So we have to save our eyes from deep sunlight. Pollution is other factor and its effect depends upon the volume of the pollution. For example in a village it have negligible impact, in small cities it have some moderates effect while in big cities it have big impact. Due to pollution our eyes got badly infected by allergy. Due to pollution our eyes have Sticky and Itch type of problems and by washing our eyes from water at least two times in a day we can somewhat reduced the effect of allergy. Also by consulting the doctor and taking the anti-allergic drops or medicine is other very good option. We must not take any chance with our very sensitive eyes.

If we are sitting on computer for a long period then it is very important to save our eyes from the effect of the monitor. Due to radiation of the monitor our eyes are badly affected and we can see the result in the form of dryness in our eyes. This effect is called as Computer Vision Syndrome or CVM. The symptoms of CVM are pain in eyes, headache, dryness of eyes, Ratchet etc. To avoid this effect, the brightness, contrast and color of our monitor screen should be kept as low as possible. We must also wear goggles with the glasses suggested by the doctors.

In this way we can save our eyes and thus we can enjoy a lot.


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