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Protect Your Ears From Electronic Harrassment

Updated on October 29, 2010

Protect Your Ears from Electronic Handicapping


Protect Your EARS From Psychological Invasion

Either way, if you allow this C56P to get into your ears and are being emasculated, lobotomized, intellectually-hobbled and DEGRADED (like an animal being tamed). People that have been successfully trained either don't have sex, so much as think an angry thought and have no fun OR they have to have sex on command (like a dog), do exactly what they are told with no mental freedom and torment the un-trained in little ways...........which when combined with electronic harassment constitute HELL.

Trust them as far as you can throw them, but Love them like there's no tomorrow because these positive emotions get reflected back on you IMMEDIATELY. ANTI-train your eyes to respond to stuff like: hair-flipping, bright suggestive clothing or hyper vigilance (looking for physical danger. The FACT is that there is NO physical danger because 90% of people have been trained and the REAL danger is the MIND-GAMES designed to rob us of our sanity). It IS an invasion all right, but it was HUMAN-ENGINEERED and is really nothing more than a bunch of illusions. I've survived on Faith in God, DOUBTING my physical environment and the electro-illusions designed to jolt the mind into pudding and finding every means possible to KEEP THIS S34T OUT OF MY MIND!

Oftentimes, they will tell you to do things that you SHOULD do for your benefit in SUCH A WAY as to provoke the opposite response. "They" specialize in getting US to commit suicide/go nuts. They will never physically harm you, steal from you or sabotage your property. What we fail to notice is that if WE are not very closely watching what we is us that lay all our stuff where we won't find it, it is us that abuse our property to make it break down. If we aren't "jamming" this "training frequency" or else watching our minds REAL CLOSELY, we are UNKNOWING PUPPETS to this "animal-brain control frequency". Besides, blaming anyone else for ANYTHING gets us assaulted electronically. These are a lot like the last can walk peacefully through a situation that robbed the last person of their sanity who was thinking with his "lower brain".

NEVER do/think the same thing at the same time on a daily basis. Keep your lower brain calmed most of the time........then bust loose and indulge your primitive instincts (using the combo of: Zoloft, Clonopin and Abilify to prevent you from tearing your consciousness).............then go back to chilling again making sure not to let the "training frequency" PUSH you to "have too much fun too often"...........because this will de-stabilize you mentally. Avoid relationships where you wind up getting "vamped" emotionally, but be extroverted like any normal PRE-PROGRAMMED person would. Play the field, but don't go beyond asking about stuff like work, what they enjoy doing.......that sort of thing. If this person doesn't sneeze, make you feel confused/anxious, use "body language" that triggers responses in your primitive might be talking to someone who ISN'T PROGRAMMED. Watch out, because creating children in this world is sentencing them to ear-ringing TORTURE starting around age 2! I met ONE unprogrammed person in the last three understand that it is a rarity.

With all the crazy c34p that's going might as well follow the Bible's advice. If you are like me, you have trouble avoiding trouble because part of you know that not long ago..........we all had TOTAL FREE-WILL. We could flirt, have sex, scream, shout, fight and vigorously argue without getting hit with a sonic blast of "handicapping energy". Our society has been PROGRAMMED. Most people's humanity has been sucked out to the point they'll do ANYTHING their "family" tells them to or else they are Gurus, Monks or REALLY MENTALLY EVASIVE (like me). We should make GETTING CONTROL OF OUR MINDS our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. I've mentioned the clothing (, the medication (Zoloft, Clonopin and ABILIFY and NOT TAKING TOO MUCH OF THESE THINGS). An ALMOST-NORMAL LIFE is achievable, but we walk alone until we find each other. When we do, we must treat each other with kindness, respct and GENUINE LOVE.......because this "training frequency" will try to play us against each other. Being as an unprogrammed relationship is THAT precious, I recommend a Platonic relationship so that we aren't manipulated to hate each other through electronic manipulation. Watch out, because this organization DOESN'T WANT US TO UNITE, so it will try to twist our primitive emotions in such a way as to tear us apart.


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    • smileNtherFACES profile image


      7 years ago from Mid Cali

      I appreciate your comments and have logged in under a new name, you have much to offer and I am taking it all in one bite at a time, I have put myself in bad situations, but am wiser and teachable now, and I shall remain teachable wich is key. I have seen this stuff go from rapid cartoonlike pictures, and porn at lightning speed to photos and stillframes unrecognizable images until maybe my third day of glancing at it in my bed...colors, speed, and flashing is their game. Thats an understatment about their game, bad part about this is I'm at home with my parent (will be outta here very soon) I'm pretty sure its aimed at me, but sometimes I feel like fam is in on it, they have no care to be curious, at all...........I remain silent until certain things appear where they shouldnt...and i'll speak out......but for the most part it unheard......Anyhow the new thing I am encountering is this mirror shimmering on the wall like thousands of tiny mirrors flashing or sometimes down to a few, with seemingly fuzzy outlines or dark fuzzy unfocused spots hovering in the room or house, I was like toushey at first but now I think I understand whats going on....but not fully, Another thing is I seem to be under the scope?..or telescope 24/7 everywhere I look I can see a blur image of a scope and a figure looking at me in the reflection......and even in trees I can catch the outline of a scope....I think they are feeding on my past military history being a lets say excellent marksman for lack of a specialized title. Can you please give me some insite on my writing here??....Thank you...your a huge source of help and inspiration.....

    • MOEFLATS profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      This is for IWALKALONE. It looks like they've got you thinking that they are a PHYSICAL DANGER to you. These people will never physically harm you. They CAN'T hurt you. Try this technique I've developed called "experimental anti-paranoia". Your lack of fear will starve them, they feed on negative emotions. What they are after is YOUR MIND. They need you to be: stressed-out, angry, outraged, depressed to destabilize your mind.

      Try this - espouse two totally contradictory concepts and switch to whichever one provides you with the emotional "juice" to keep going. "Everything is screwed" means that ANYTHING you think/do is justified. You can pretend to be someone else in your mind to avoid their "brainwave entrainment hold". Any thought of yourself as anyone else (besides women - these guys try and make us think that we are women, then electronically-harass us so we give in to coerced sex) or ANYTHING ELSE will make your mind impossible to control by them.

      Last but not least, listen intently on the ringing in your ears. It contains a "Hell Frequency" that drives you nuts so that you can be brainwashed AND a slower-sounding "Salvation Frequency". Stretch out the high-pitched syllables further and further and you'll hear what sounds like an Operatic solo. This system is about "killing" sinners and saving good people, thinking good thoughts while clinging to this "Salvation Frequency" will prevent you from being driven nuts and "eaten" by the "family that preys".

      Get on Zoloft, Clonopin and Abilify and never take more than is recommended because they attack you when your mind isn't feeling good. Music while sleeping really helps, especially songs that make you feel powerful. Music blocks the EAR-BORNE MADNESS. Also take Trazodone for sleep. NEVER take Ambien because it causes REBOUND ANXIETY like nobodies' business. I almost got "eaten" when I ran out of Ambien.

      They control HOW YOU INTERPRET REALITY SO THAT OTHERWISE INNOCUOUS STIMULI MAKE YOU FEEL AWFUL. Work on FORCING YOURSELF TO SEE REALITY AS REALITY, OR ELSE CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY FOR EVERY OCCASSION/TASK IN WHICH YOU FIND IT NECESSARY. The television is your worst enemy, the radio is just as bad. Get an I-pod and listen to only songs that you've screened as Psychologically Beneficial. New music is mentally-toxic crap.

      Don't be ashamed to be a Christian. Being one may somehow help other people fighting this "invasion". The US is fulfilling Biblical prophecy, so when they fulfill Armaggedon it would be best for you to be deemed worthy of life. Good luck, you are EXTREMELY LUCKY to REALLY be alive. Don't give up, do not be afraid to think chaotic, self-contradictory thoughts to outwit your "Programmer". The last thing they want is someone who isn't afraid to think "crazy". You cannot possess a functionally-"crazy" person (someone who creates their own reality to be able to keep going). You can't drive someone crazy who seems already crazy because it is YOUR CRAZINESS, NOT THEIRS. Remember that "REALITY IS THE ONLY WORD THAT SHOULD ALWAYS BE USED IN QUOTES"! Create your own rather than letting someone else program theirs into you. Stay REAL!!!!


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      continued---- I then proceed to pull my camera............and like a magic act everything and all traces noises has decipated so it seems........ i wonder a amazement and what I have just seen.........standing next to myself...........I withdraw to inner saftey in the house. I notify my father....mother as to what has happend.......they have no interest and really dont believe me......what timing this all is especially since I am seeking therapy and sobriety.......of course they dont believe me. I retire to bed with a loaded .38 in hand. I awake next day......funny power goes out and crewman everywhere...wanting to go in peoples backyards........finally power back...........I take my camera and just start looking at the notice a design....that seems to be everywhere........unbelievable...but it i can see it with my bare eyes.............i realize this is REAL.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I have just recently thought I had someone in the backyard,.....or spying on me.......well thats just the tip of the iceberg....3am one morning I step onto my deck.....I hear what sounds to be a few intruders in my backyard...I cant pinpoint it front of the dark green trees in front of me is lighting that seems to be switching from place to place or shape to complete blackness........suddenly a light emerges from a neighbors yard in a diagional direction ( whome i thought was suspect for weeks now) and what appears to be a man, operating a star scope......with a green laser attached following my every move on the deck as i step left and right...but he never stays entirely on me....keeps zig zaggin the green thinking at this point....."wow" I am a prior Marine....and at first thought i was in the eye of a scoped rifle and some spec ops team out to get me......but this is way worse now that I am aware of what it is. When he realizes I have seen him the window from where I see him goes black.....then 35 yards in front of me a light appears as well as a man next to a rifle with a appears as if he has his arms crossed,, and is snoozing...suddenly he frantically arises and gets behind the scope........Im thinking what the heck is goin on here.....all awhile this episode...I constantly hear light sabres in the background......yes light sabres...low tone...and one high pitched well as neighboring houses have now completely darkened their backyards....all besides me....... continued tomorrow...........


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