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Protecting a Child From Potential Germs

Updated on March 14, 2017

Protecting a child from potential germs and bacteria is what every parent strives for, but it’s not always the easiest thing to do. With having to juggle housework and a job you can sometimes lose track of what your child is up to.

It has been discovered by experts that a majority of germs are actually harmless and some can even be helpful to the immune system. So maybe going nuts with the cleaning, scrubbing and moping isn’t necessary. There are certain instances and places, however that you will need to be vigilant of and below will list some areas for concern.

No Touching Infants and Toddlers Unless Their Hands are Completely Clean

If you’ve just had a baby, then you’ll probably be having a lot of people around, waiting their turn to see the newest addition. Always be sure to tell your guests to thoroughly scrub down their hands before touching the child. This is very important as infant’s immune systems are very susceptible at this stage to infections and colds.

Mother’s transfer anti bodies unto their babies while in the womb and once a baby reaches the six month stage and receives most of his/her vaccinations, they start forming their own antibodies and will be less likely to fall ill. After the six month stage asking everyone to wash their hands before holding your kid won’t be necessary.

Public Sandboxes are a Big NO

Remember that even though a sandbox might seem like a very nice area to play in, cats and other animals love using it as a litter box to. If you’re child does happen to play in a sandbox that has been used as a litter box and sticks his/her finger into pooped soil then they might run the risk of getting roundworms which leads to stomach pains and fever. Always carry wet wipes with you when you’re out with them and be sure to wipe their hands down every once awhile, plus as soon as you get home rinse their hands off with soap and water to get rid of any remaining germs.

Don’t Allow Pet Kisses

It isn’t typical for a canine or cat smooth to cause concern but animal saliva does carry parasites with it unknowingly which is where the problem lies. If your child is covered in saliva then its best to always give him a thorough wash, because you can’t be too sure what your pet licked last.

Always Rinse Vegetables and Fruits

Even if you buy pre – washed fruits and vegetables, its good practise to rinse them off at home again before consuming it. Most vegetables/fruits could be carrying bacteria, germs and pesticides. To remove any dirt or residue, simply wash gently with a brush and pat dry with a paper towel or cloth before eating. Keep in mind to wash your hands, kitchen surface and utensils with warm soapy water when you’ve finished handling fresh produce, as this prevents cross contamination.

Keep Toys Clean

Always remember to sanitize your child’s toys because if used regularly, they could be contaminated with germs. Cleaning every month is recommended unless a sick child has played with the same toy. All most all toys can be disinfected and soft toys can be washed in a washing machine, just remember to use hot water. Always be sure to dry out these items well before handing them back to your kid, as this prevents moulding.


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