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Protection from sunburn while driving in a vehicle

Updated on May 6, 2011

Prevent sunburn under any circumstances


Protecting yourself from sunburn at any time is very important. So often we think nothing of driving for miles in the sun not aware of the risks from sunburn coming through a glass windscreen or any window for that matter.


Especially as you travel for hours on end with the sun beating down on you. There is no escape whether you sit as a passenger or the driver makes no difference.


After travelling around for six months I have noticed that my left arm is a lot browner than my right and my husband likewise has a browner right arm as he is the driver.

At time of taking photo I hadn't stitched the velcro on
At time of taking photo I hadn't stitched the velcro on

Ways to reduce the risk of burning while in a car.


We all know to slip slop and slap.
  1. We can push the sun visor across the window it may help
  2. Back seat passengers can purchase a cover to put over windows or cover the whole window with a small baby blanket or similar. 
  3. I use a hand towel. Place the short end under the seat belt and fold the other side over your arm.  The seat belt helps hold it in place.

People receiving chemo treatment also need to be careful of being in the sun.  In the heat of the day most of them still have to wear long sleeved clothing as they are more affected during their treatment.


By using a towel or similar like I have suggested they wouldn’t be so hot while travelling in a car either.

Stitch velcro like this then fold top over
Stitch velcro like this then fold top over

How to make a towelling cover

Cut three pieces of Velcro and stitch one on each end of the hand towel then stitch one in the middle. Now fold down one end over approximately 3-4 cm and stitch three matching pieces of Velcro. When folded they should now fix to the other three.

Now when in car place the towel over your shoulder and put your seatbelt on then fix towel in place over the seatbelt. The Velcro holds the towel in position on the seatbelt and prevents it from slipping or blowing off your arm in the wind. The hand towel is still light but thick enough to keep the sun from burning your skin.



Prevention of sunburn will help protect you from Melanomas

What is a melanoma?

 A melanoma is one of the most seriously dangerous types of skin can as it can easily spread to other organs in our body.

The spreading cancer goes down from the epidermis to invade any healthy tissues, like the lymph nodes or get into your bloodstream. Once it gets into your bloodstream or lymphatic system the cancer can spread to many other parts of the body.

 Even if you have the melanoma cut out the cancer may reappear many months later. It could spread into your lungs, liver or your brain

The important thing is to prevent this from happening to our bodies. Stay out of the sun as much as possible and protect your body from the risks involved from Melanomas.



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      Eileen Hughes 8 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      beats me thanks for stopping by and reading

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      BeatsMe 8 years ago

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