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Proven Ways to Lose Weight & Never See It Again!

Updated on February 3, 2016

If you are reading this article then something inside your mind involving weight loss has brought you here! Whether it's 10 or 50 pounds, you would like to not only lose the weight but, NEVER SEE IT AGAIN! I am a person that for six years battled weight issues and during some of these moments I was as much as 75 pounds overweight. I have always lived an active life and couldn't figure out what it was that I was doing wrong, so much to the extent that I assumed my metabolism had changed. Our metabolisms do change but there are factors that contribute to the change in which we can control! These factors are, sleep, exercise, diet and stress maintenance while aging is a factor that we cannot control.

I once went to a physician to check out an injury and said yes to a routine physical;he was clearly disgusted by me and said that I needed to change my lifestyle. I in turn, did the complete opposite. So, I completely understand and know how it feels when someone that doesn't know you declares that you need to change your lifestyle! I'm not going to declare this but I am going to talk about topics that by the end of this you could argue are components of any lifestyle.

As I shared earlier, I have always been very active but one thing that I didn't disclose is that even during some of the most intense exercising regimens that I have ever been on: I would gain weight instead of losing it. Specifically, it was my diet that mostly contributed to the weight issues as I was active. I'm not going to delve into this too much. However, I think it's great for anyone battling weight issues to count the calories that they consume.

At this point, you don't have to commit to anything by counting and logging your calorie intake. It's what you do with what you find. After reviewing your calories in a day, are you satisfied? If not, what are the alternatives to fulfill your appetite and harness your indulgences? Questions like these once drove me nuts but I'm sure that even for the healthy with the lowest body fat, a light bulb can go off from looking at what we've consumed in any given day! It's important to take into consideration our eating habits especially, because a malnourished diet can hamper our abilities to exercise.

Exercise as a word and symbol is similar in potency as lifestyle, where I've found a lot of people take offense when I suggest exercises to them. I am not going into the description of exercises within this article but I am going to repeat myself one more time to drive my point home: I worked out regularly while being overweight. If exercising is not a part of your life then do not be afraid for what I am about to say. It is important to exercise and for those of you that have not incorporated this in your life just remember how huge of a step you are taking right now by even reading this article! If you do exercise but don't consider yourself a gym guru and if you are a gym guru then you will agree with me about the experiences of doing exercises for years like me, where: if it's cardio, the distance remains the same and if it's weightlifting, the weight barely increases.

Those last two examples really hit home for me since I was stuck for about 6 years in the same progression. The greatest thing for those of you that do not lead an active lifestyle and are starting one is that you have all of the resources to not get fetched into years of doing exercises that provide you with little results.


The greatest solution is to join a gym and to take fitness classes. I've owned my own fitness equipment ever since I was overweight but I've achieved the most life-changing results through going to the gym and also taking fitness courses. "The gym" has a stigma to it especially for people that have been very few times and the same can correlate to fitness classes. I know this because I once held those judgments and felt that intimidation, more specifically with training in martial arts. The day came that I finally went to a class and all the negative ideas that I held about what the environment was and what goes on were misconceptions.

If money plays as a factor for why you can't become a member of a gym or attend a weekly fitness class then it could inspire you to refocus your attention on your diet and do activities on your own. Fitness recreational centers are a great support especially when you are first beginning this journey. There actually is a very prominent gym chain that is solely focused on serving fitness beginners and where it's a chain, the rates are substantially cheaper.

This is a vague synopsis of what I have done to go from 255 to now 185 since, July 21, 2015. Every person's body is different but if you have the will/drive and are open to constantly changing your fitness philosophies, then results like mine are not impossible! The first step is to go about your day and write down everything you eat then look to see if there's anything you can change to make it more healthy! The next step is to find your exercising outlet, or if you already have those outlets, greater enhance them! Happy sculpting of your new physique!


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