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Proving the Facts Do Weight Loss Belts Work

Updated on March 9, 2010

Among the questions asked in the circles of weight loss talk is do weight loss belts work. An electric device, the weight loss belt is wrapped around the waist in an attempt to lose weight. Mostly people opt for it to develop tighter abs or loose pounds substantially. Those who manufacture the device claim that it has the same effects as those of regular crunches and sit-ups. The weight loss belt works by vibrating the abdominal muscles and thus the eminent abs. It induces electrodes into the body and thus stimulating the torso muscles. Because the muscles are worked on the moment the belt is turned on until it is put off, it is believed that the heat generated increases body metabolism and it sets the body into activity as it tries to cool itself. It is through these bodily activities that weight is lost and that muscles around the abdomen are tightened.

Answering the question do weight loss belts work is not straight forward people as there are different results for different people . Just like any other weight loss plan or undertaking weight, loss belts are equally controversial and do, not work the same for everyone though most testify it has work for them. Most users of the device have claimed and actually manifested a tighter abdomen, a waist that is more intact and a stronger back. Water weight is equally lost so as is fat weight, which is replaced by the muscles that form in the abdomen. The weight loss belt thus creates an appearance of a body that is tightly together and fit.

By those who do not want to hit the gym for conventional work out sessions and asking do weight loss belts work, it has been found that the belts can supplement the otherwise intensive gym sessions. Users of the belt can go on doing their day-to-day activities. Successful users claim to have lost up to 80pounds in 8 weeks, what's more is that 1-3 inches have been lost and 8 inches have been lost off the waist in 3 months. However, there are those who refute that the weight loss belts work. An American Council on Exercise study found out after some studies that there was not much difference or none at all with those who use the weight loss belt and others who undertake other weight loss activities. The Council does not rule out the use of the weight loss belt although it encourages proper diet and regular exercise for weight loss.

It is advisable to note that people with electrical health devices should not use the electrical weight loss equipment. AS mentioned, the belt produces electrodes and has magnets in it that may interfere with the proper functioning of these health devices. Hazardous effects such as skin burns have been reported from using the electric weight loss belt simultaneously with the health devices. There is no scientific proof that it works, but considering the numerous positive reviews it could be an investment for the abs you desire.


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