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PsoriaTrax - Bringing relief to thousands that suffer from psoriasis, eczema and dandruff.

Updated on April 4, 2014

Relief is not far away!

If You're Gonna fight..... Bring An Army!
If You're Gonna fight..... Bring An Army! | Source
Scalp Psoriasis
Scalp Psoriasis
Psoriasis on the elbows
Psoriasis on the elbows
Psoriasis on the knees
Psoriasis on the knees
Wash my Hair
Wash my Hair

PsoriaTrax Psoriasis Shampoo

Quite a few years ago i used to use a shampoo that worked very well for eliminating psoriasis on my scalp. Unfortunately, the product was discontinued. I then went through trying so many other brands of psoriasis treatment shampoo on the market and found they just didn't work. At best, their benefits were short-lived. Unfortunately, the symptoms - flaky, itchy scalp - were still there. I kept trying shampoos which claimed increased strengths of active ingredients and could not understand why these similar strengths did not work as well as the original product I had tried and had luck with. What was the deal?

Labeling Mumbo Jumbo

I soon figured out that there is a huge difference between the listed ingredients, as they relate to coal tar. I remember the other shampoos were equivalent to 5% coal tar so that was what I looked for on the label. I found out that many products listed "coal tar solution" but that usually related to a coal tar solution that was only equivalent to 1/5th coal tar. So if the bottle says 5% coal tar solution, that means it is equivalent to 1% coal tar; a much greater strength. The labeling can be very confusing to the consumer.

I spent nearly four years trying to find a better product until I decided I would make my own.The process took a lot of trial and error but I finally created a very effective formula with 5% coal tar solution, a much stronger solution than I could find on the market. I knew I finally found what I was looking for when, after a week, all of my itchy and flaky patches disappeared. With continued use, I rarely see symptoms reappear.

Everyone with psoriasis suffers varying degrees of symptoms. Some people, like me, even have it on their skin. Since I don't believe in too much of a good thing, I created a product to address psoriasis on the skin. It's called PsoriaTrax Coal Tar Glide. The package is shaped like a small stick of deodorant, so you can take it anywhere. I use it on my legs and elbows and have seen excellent results.

The Smell

Indeed, coal tar is a powerful ingredient but it doesn't smell very good. The good news is that the smell doesn't really linger in the hair, especially after rinsing it out and following up with your favorite conditioner.

There is no cure for psoriasis, only solutions to manage the symptoms. For me, the PsoriaTrax line was the answer to an effective, long-lasting psoriasis remedy.

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