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Psych2go Web Review

Updated on September 22, 2014

Psych2go Web Rating

5 stars for Psych2go


If you haven't noticed already, I have a major interest in psychology. I like the hard core Psychiatric Times information, but I also enjoy reading some fun facts. There is one website in particular that is a nice middle ground. Psych2go is the way to go. Psych2go has fun facts as little pictures and expands on the fun fact in a short article. It is a wonderful way to study psychology from a hobbyist's point of view. It does focus on mental health so I can see how a psychology student would benefit from this website.


I love the content. There is a wide range of variety of articles. There are some that focus on mental health, and some that focus on everyday psychology. This allows the website to attract a variety of people.

The fun facts are formatted into square text pictures. You'd know which belong to Psych2go because there is a stamp-like box that says "Psych2go". These ones are more often seen on Tumblr and sometimes on Pinterest. These fun facts are basically the thesis of the articles written. If you find one that intrigues you, click their link to read the article and you will likely learn something new.

The articles themselves are very well written. When I need a break from studying, I enjoy reading the articles to let my mind relax while still learning. The articles are of decent length so the audience will not get bored. It is quick and straightforward, just the way I like it.


The website layout is clean and user friendly. It isn't bombarded with ads and it's easy to get from one page to another. The website loads quick (and trust me, I know some websites that are slow even if you have fast internet) so you aren't wasting your time.

Psych2go has general tabs and specific drop downs. These are placed in a logical order, so searching for something is always easy. The website isn't a cluster of information, but very organized. There is even an Author's Bio tab so you can get to know about each writer a little bit better.

Their mission statement is to reach out to psychology students and non psychology students. They want to make the general public keep awareness of everyday psychology and diminish any myths. It is also to help create a base for writers planning to work in the psychological or psychiatric field.

Repository has a few drop downs. "All Psych2go Posts" is where the fun facts are displayed and if you click on it, it enlarges the picture which you can post to Tumblr, save, etc. "Psychology Facts" is where the articles are posted. The first paragraph is displayed and if you are intrigued, you can click on the article to read the whole thing. "Dreams" are the articles specific to dreams, I assume this is on a separate page due to popular interest. "Research Methods" is not teaching how to research. but research related articles. "Sigmund Freud" is the last drop down, and as you can probably guess, the page is about Sigmund Freud's basic research. Gotta give praise to the Psychology father, right? ;)

Under "Sites", they post other websites that they admin or work with. Pretty self-explanatory.

"Audio Podcasts" is a newer addition to the website where you can listen to psychology information instead of reading it. This way, it can save a lot of people's time.

If you are interested in become a writer and not sure how, Psych2go provides article writing guidelines. It mentions the topics they want, more or less what the content should include, and general formatting. There are also guidelines if you are interested in script writing for videos or actually presenting in a video. These are under "Writing Guidelines", "Videos Script Guidelines", and "Videos Guidelines".


The website design is simple but effective. Unlike most independent websites, this website does not have any ads at all. This way, there is no chance for you to accidentally be redirected into a sketchy website filled with virus. I love the modern style and the simplicity of the black and white. The high contrast makes it very easy to read the articles and it makes the images pop out more. The design is perfect for a website like this. It's not too serious, but not too crazy. It fits perfectly in the middle, just like the content itself.

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© 2014 Dancia Susilo


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    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      3 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      This sounds interesting. I'll check it out!


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