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Psychological Theory of How Our Fears Consume Us

Updated on September 15, 2010

I have often wondered why it is that many people are attracted to psychological thrillers, horror movies, and phobia flicks.

I have always been intrigued with what causes a person to "go bad". The debate between whether someone is born evil, or, their environment being the critical element of the outcome, has never really been resolved.

I personally love to watch scary movies and psychological thrillers. My favorite tv shows being crime drama such as "Law and Order" and "Criminal Minds". Knowing full well the real life horrors that are prevalent in our society today, would make one think that the last thing you would be interested in is crime drama.

The mind is a complicated mechanism. We all know that. There are so many variables in ones environment, as well as genetics that can effect the outcome of ones psyche. Why is it that you can have 2 individuals in the same situation end up responding with totaling different reactions? These are the types of studies that I like to delve into.

Fears are a driving part of why our emotions can get the better of us. As young children we are impressionable. If we find ourselves in a situation that we do not have the capacity to analyse and understand, our subconscious can produce fears(real or imaginable) based on the emotions that encompass us.

I was watching this movie on Pay per View tonight. It is called "Boogeyman 2" Now having seen the first one, I was intrigued to see how they would put another theory into action.

In this story, a sister and brother witness their parents murder when they are young children ages 8-10. Soon after, they were treated for symptoms of "boogeyman phobia". They were insistent on the fact that the Boogeyman was real and had come out of the dark to kill their parents.

The older brother was put into the treatment program first. The psychologist tried to show him that his fear was within him and the only way to overcome it was to face the fear. In doing so, he would realize the boogeyman was not real. Part of the process was to be locked into a dark closet to confront this inner terror.

The younger sister entered into the program when her brother was released. The same 6 patients were there still being treated for their own phobias. Throughout the movie, all the patients die from their worst fears at the hand of the boogeyman.

In the end, the sister learns to face her fear and comes face to face with the boogeyman. There was an unexpected twist at the end that showed how fear can consume you and take over if not learned to deal with properly.

This movie also showed how 2 people who were in the same circumstance, same environment, and same gene pool, could have two different outlooks/reactions to the same situation.

It is important for us to learn to understand our emotions and where they stem from. Many times our fears are based on subconscious emotions such as guilt, inadequacy, loneliness, or a number of others.

When traumatic circumstances occur in our lives, especially when we are children, many of these emotions can surface, only to be buried when not identified and tended to. Over time, these emotions and associations can cause irrepairable harm which may or may not manifest in an outward way.

Tending to your mental health can often be a lengthy process which at times may seem as if there is no progress. Finding ways to release the negative forces that may try to take hold of our pysche, is an every day effort. Do not underestimate the effects that unresolved issues may have on your subconscious mind. To overcome your fears before they own you, you must first start with communication. Express yourself, let your emotions be voiced; in doing so you will be able to establish their origin and work towards a positive outcome.


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